Recipes - 5 Ingredients Or Less Apple Crunch with$1 muffin mix



I am listing the store here because this is the onlyplace I havefound this particular muffin mix

1 package Mayberry's Best Cinnamon toast muffin mix (Fred's $1)
1 can apples in syrup
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/2 stick butter
sugar taste
pre-heat oven to 375
dump apples into 9x9 glass pan.
In separate bowl. mash together with fork, oats, muffin mix and butter, this mix isnt real sweet so you can add a little more sugar or splenda if you want. It will be lumpy/crumbly.Cover top of apples with mixture, distribute the mixture as evenly as you can, but don't fuss it doesn't have to be perfect.
Bake till top is golden an bubble about 30-40 mins. Serve warm with vanilla icecream