User Guide About the "Rebate Trades" forum & Why can't I post in this forum?


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In order to post in any of HCW's trading forums, you must be a member of our "Trader Group." We ask that you first familiarize yourself with our Rules HERE. Once you have the Rules down, you can sign up for our Trader Group HERE.

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"Rebate Trades” Forum
The guidelines below are in addition to the Rules that apply to all trading forums.

Posts, Bumps & Inactivity
  • Each member is allowed 5 threads. If you have reached your limit of 5, please edit one of your 5 threads to include the new items you wish to trade.
  • No identical/similar threads. For example, posting 2 or more "ISO Bud Cheese Rebate" with each thread containing something different you have to offer is not allowed. Please list everything in one post.
  • 3 bumps in a 24 hour time period only. For new posts, this includes the original post.
  • Threads will be removed from the forum after 1 month of inactivity. To keep your threads "active," bring them to the top of the forum by replying "bump" to your own thread.
Please help keep the forum tidy. When your thread is no longer need, please edit the thread's prefix to "Trade Completed." Not sure how? CLICK HERE for instructions.

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Where do all my old posts go?

Removed posts are put in the "Trade Post Archive" forum. If your post ends up in the archive, and you want it to appear in current trades again, simply copy the post and paste it into a new post.

Happy Trading! :D
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