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In order to post in any of HCW's trading forums, you must be a member of our "Trader Group." We ask that you first familiarize yourself with our Rules HERE. Once you have the Rules down, you can sign up for our Trader Group HERE.

Happy Trading! :D

"Coupon Trades: Current & Expired” Forum

The guidelines below are in addition to the Rules that apply to all trading forums.

Posts, Bumps & Inactivity

  • Each member is allowed 10 threads (any combination of trade style and auction style threads). If you have reached your limit of 10, please edit one of your 10 threads to include the new items you wish to trade.
  • No identical/similar threads. For example, posting 2 or more "ISO Coke Codes" with each thread containing something different you have to offer is not allowed. Please list everything in one post.
  • 3 bumps in a 24 hour time period only. For new posts, this includes the original post.
  • Threads will be removed from the forum after 1 month of inactivity. To keep your threads "active," bring them to the top of the forum by replying "bump" to your own thread.
Please help keep the forum tidy. When your thread is no longer need, please edit the thread's prefix to "Trade Completed." Not sure how? CLICK HERE for instructions.

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Where do all my old posts go?
Removed posts are put in the "Trade Post Archive" forum. If your post ends up in the archive, and you want it to appear in current trades again, simply copy the post and paste it into a new post.

Please Keep Threads Short & Simple
There is are "Wish List" and "Have List" forums for full trading lists. Current trades is for short term coupon trade posts. The exception to this is if you are listing full inserts and want to include what they contain.


Guidelines for "Auction Style" Threads
Auction Posters:

Listing an "Auction Style" thread is your agreement to abide by the guidelines below, and the final decision of our moderators should any issues develop with respect to your auction, such as an incorrect winner being declared, invalid bids being placed, etc.

Auction Bidders:

  • Please read the original post thoroughly before bidding.
  • BIDS ARE FINAL! You may not edit, change or delete your bid once it is made.
  • If you are notified via Private Message (PM) from the seller that you have won the auction, you must contact the seller within 48 hours to arrange payment or other terms of the auction.
  • Please Note: If sellers are accepting several bid types (such as coupons, gift cards, concealed cash, stamps, paypal, etc.), they may choose the bid type that best suits their needs as the winner.
  • Failure to comply is subject to negative feedback and/or bad trader proceedings.
All Auction Style Threads Must:
  • Be hosted in HCW's "Coupon Trades: Current & Expired" forum. All off-site auctions belong in the "Hot Entrepreneurs" forum.
  • Have an ending date and time in the thread's time. Please include your time zone, as our members live in various zones..
  • Include who pays for shipping. If omitted, the seller is responsible for shipping costs.
  • Declare your winner AND contact them via PM within 24 hours of the auction ending. Please choose your ending time with this in mind. Please Note: You must look at all posts before determining the winner, the last post is often not the winner.
  • Adding items to increase bidding (after bids have been made).
  • Adding additional forms of payment to increase bidding (after bids have been made).
  • If there are no bids on your items, you may cancel your auction.
  • If you are accepting several bid types (such as coupons, gift cards, concealed cash, stamps, paypal, etc.), you may choose which bid best suits your needs.
  • Dutch Auctions. You can auction multiples of the same item and declare more than one winner. Please make this clear in your auction thread.
Not Allowed:
  • Extending the ending date (for any reason), if there are bids made in your auction.
  • Bids via PM and/or email. All bidding must be done in the auction thread.
  • You may not choose a winning bid that contains "bid types" not listed in your auction. For example: You state that you are accepting PayPal only. John bids in free cheese coupons. John's bid is not valid unless you replied in your thread during the auction that you are willing to accept this bid type.
  • Bidding after the stated end time. Auctions end at the exact time stated.
  • Not following through on an auction. Sellers and bidders who do not follow through are subject to negative feedback and/or bad trader proceedings.
  • Handling fees. Only actual shipping fees are allowed.
If you have questions, please let us know. Happy Trading! :D
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