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Who here doesn’t love printable coupons and coupon codes? This is the place for the entire community share and discuss them. Groupon alerts and in app coupons can also be shared here. Please make sure all your posts are inharmony with the Community Rules.

Check out some ”Frequently Asked Questions” about printables HERE.

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FAQs About Printable Coupons

Q: When I try to print a coupon that I haven't printed before, why do I sometimes get a message that I've already printed the maximum number allowed?

A: Sometimes a link gets posted with an embedded code that is meant for a particular individual. Errors can also appear when the set limit that the manufacturer will allow to be printed has been reached.

Q: Can IP's be printed in black & white or do they have to be in color?

A: Either way is fine.

Q: What does “rolling expiration date” mean?

A: Rolling expiration date means that the expiration date will vary, depending on the date it was printed. For instance a coupon printed on August 2nd with a 30 day rolling expiration will expire on September 1st. The same coupon printed tomorrow will expire on September 2nd.

Q: Many of the printable sites have the same coupon. Can I print from all the sites?

A: Sometimes, just try.

Q: How many times can you print on each website?

A: Most websites limit you to 2 prints of each coupon. Some sites only allow one. On rare occasions, more than 2 prints of each coupon is allowed.

Q: Why can’t I print a coupon from someone else’s email link?

A: Many times, each recipient receives a unique, onetime use only link that cannot be shared.

Q: Can I receive printables by mail?

A: Sometimes, yes. If you have difficulty printing a coupon, check the website to see if mail service is offered.

Q: What are Coupon Printers and why are they needed?

A: Most printable coupons require a small browser plug-in be installed. These programs help generate individual coupon codes and monitoring the number of prints. A number of sites use their own printing program, so downloading one from one site does not necessarily allow you to print coupons from other sites.

Q: What do I do if my printer jams during printing, will I lose my coupon?

A: Most offers have a print limit of two because of this reason. Unfortunately, the coupon is lost when the printer jams.

Q: What can I do if the coupons are printing out too large, too small or otherwise distorted?

A: To troubleshoot, go to the website of your printer’s manufacturer and install the latest printer driver for your make and model.

Finally, don't forget that it is illegal to scan or copy printables in an effort to redeemed the same coupon repeatedly.