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Its Rebate Heaven in here! Rebates in all their lovely forms (No Beer Purchase Required, Gift Card offers, Mail in Rebates, Satisfaction Guarantees, Try Me Free, etc.) are shared and discussed here. Everyone is welcome to contribute new found rebates to this forum! Please make sure all your posts are inharmony with the Community Rules.

Please post printable rebates and online submission rebates in the “PRINTABLE & Online Rebates” forum.
Please Note: Posts older than 3 months old will be purged. Please bump things you wish to keep active.

THIS IS NOT A TRADING FORUM. :) If you are interested in joining our "Trader Group," please CLICK HERE to learn how.

If you are already a member of the "Trader Group" and want to start trading again, please use the following links to jump to the trading forum you are interested in:


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