Recipes - Question a ton of baby carrots... ? please help



Just got from a friend a donation. 3 grocery bags full of " baby carrots " mini bags.. they exp. date is 3.30 ..
what can i do with all of these carrots ? freeze ? any suggestions . thx

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If I was given that many..I'd probably keep a bag and give the rest to the food bank.


I think, if you want to keep some, that you can freeze them but all the things I've found are for fresh carrots. You have to blanch those first but I'm not sure about the ones that come in bags from the grocery.


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You can buy them frozen in slices so I don't see why you couldn't freeze.

You can also buy them canned. Do you know how to do that?

Carrot cake, carrot bread, carrot muffins, glazed carrots, roasted carrots - oh that would be easy.

Take a whole bunch of them, put in a bowl big enough to hold and stir them, add olive oil and salt, stirl til well distributed, then put on large cookie sheet lined with foil and roast til golden.