Walmart - Other 88 cents Health Products & Over the Counter Medications



These products are 88 cents (no coupons, no sales, no limits).
I've also seen some of these items stocked along side all the rest of the over the counter meds in the health/pharmacy section.
However, you can find ALL of the 88 cent items grouped together on ONE end-cap at the front of the store in the checkout area, or on shelving beside ONE checkout register (they aren't at every checkout lane) so you do have to look.
They have also been located inside a huge square 'bin' that has dividers separating each "category" - the only signage is: "88 cents" near the checkout lanes at the front of the store.

These products are not the national brand names (Bayer, Tylenol, Claritin, Allegra, Prevacid, Advil, etc.). Brand name products are expensive! Why? Because we are paying for that brand's advertising, logo, trademark, research, development, patent(s), etc.

The products listed below are called Generics or "generic equivalents". This means they don't have a fancy brand name, but they do contain the exact same strength of the exact same active ingredient(s). In fact, Generic Equivalents must have the same exact active ingredient(s) as mandated by the FDA - the Food & Drug Administration - which is the federal agency that regulates safety & quality for foods and medication (including over the counter medications (otc), like these) that are sold, prescribed and/or distributed in the U.S. This process is suppose to ensure the ingredients safety and efficacy.

So then what is the difference? The difference(s) can be the non-active ingredients : binders, colors, dyes, cellulose, flavoring, sugars, etc. (for instance: binders - an inactive chemical property that holds or "binds" a pill together to make it a solid form - a tablet).

These products are also great to stock first aid kits for the car, home, diaper bag, purse, travel bags, work, school, emergency prep bags, etc. or just to have on hand. We have all had that incident that seems to happen during a holiday weekend followed by stressful trips to 2 or 3 stores or pharmacies (if they're open) only to end up paying an absurd price for one or more of these same products. Perhaps that scenario can now be a thing of the past.

Below is a list of the items that I'm aware of or have purchased - all are 88 cents each.
The underlined words are the Name Of the 88 Cent Product.
The (Active Ingredients are in Parenthesis)
Brand Name is in Bold.

Please note that there are no strengths, sizes, dosages, instructions, directions, recommendations or medical advice being given to anyone regarding any ailment, disease, symptom, or absence thereof.
Please read all labels and directions carefully and consult with a professional health care provider regarding all medications whether prescription or "over the counter" - including topical (applied onto skin) AND dietary/natural/herbal supplements as well as all Side Effects and/or Risks that can vary from mild to serious.

88 centover-the-counter medications / products regularly stocked at Wal-Mart:

Pain Reliever / Anti-Inflamatory (Ibuprofen) Advil or Motrin
Pain Reliever Tablets ( Acetaminophen)Tylenol
Pain Reliever (aspirin) Bayer Aspirin or St. Josephs Aspirin
Pain Reliever / Anti-Inflammatory Tablets (naproxen sodium / NSAID) Aleve
Pain Relief PM Tablets [acetaminophen(Tylenol) + diphenhydramine(benadryl)] Tylenol PM
Children's Fever Reducer / Pain Reliever Liquid (acetaminophen Liquid) Children's Tylenol Elixir
Sinus Congestion & Pain Reliever (phenylephrine + Ibuprofen) Advil Sinus
Allergy Relief Tablets (diphenhydramine) = Benadryl
Allergy Relief Liquid (diphenhydramine) = Benadryl Liquid
Allergy Relief Non Drowsy (loratadine = Claritin)
Allergy Relief 24 Hour Non-Drowsy (fexofenadine) Allegra
Sleep Aid (diphenhydramine) Nytol
Acid Reducer 24hr Delayed-Release (
lansoprazole) Prevacid
Antacid in a roll
Antacid Tablets (calcium carbonate) TUMS
Tussin Chest Congestion (
guaifenesin) Robitussin
Gas Relief (simethicone) Gas-X
Laxative (sennosides - Stimulant Laxative) Ex-lax
Magnesium Citrate (magnesium citrate) Liquid L
Anti-Diarrheal Tablets (loperamide) Imodium
Nasal Spray Afrin
Daytime & Nitetime cold/flu relief NyQuil
Day & Night Cold Relief Tylenol Day & Night
Mucus Relief
(guaifenesin (congestion) + dextromethorphan(cough) Mucinex
Chap-Ice (petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin, etc) Chap-stick
Plastic Bandages Band-Aids
Hydrocortisone Anti-itch Cream (hydrocortizone) Cortizone-10
Insect Bite Cream/Anti-Itch (
diphenhydramine) Benadryl Cream
Hemorrhoidal Ointment (
phenylephrine HCI) Preparation H
Pro-Ex Anti-fungal Cream (clotrimizole) Lotrimin
Anti-Itch/Chaffing Medicated Powder (menthol + zinc oxide) Gold Bond Medicated Powder
Personal Care Feminine Wash Sensitifve Skin
Summer's Eve Wash
Intimate Wipes (feminine hygiene)
Fresh Time
s Maxi Pads (Feminine hygiene)
Fresh Times Panty Liners
(Feminine hygiene)
Femtex Tampons
(Feminine hygiene) Kotex
Warm Touch (Personal Lubricant / Massage)
K-Y Warming Oil
Personal Lubricant (K-Y Regular)
First Signal Pregnancy Test (First Response)
Shoe Inserts Dr. Scholl
Ankle, Elbow, Wrist, Knee Brace / Support
Epsom Salt (
magnesium sulfate)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Neomycin, Polymyxin B,
Bacitracin Zinc) Neosporin
Thermometer (Digital) ready to use out of box with batteries and 10 disposable probe covers and a plastic storage case.
Pill / Tablet Splitter / Cutter
Pill / Vitamin Storage Box Dose by Day (Mon - Sun) box (there's one that also has 7 days with AM & PM) Regular & XL sizes
Ear Plugs
Eucalyptus Oil
Cough Drops(several flavors)
Children's Allergy Relief Liquid Bubble Gum Flavor Clear/Dye Free (diphenhydramine) = Benadryl Liquid
Contact Lens Cases
Nasal Strips
Hot & Cold Patch
(2 per box) IcyHot


Re: 88 cents (ALWAYS) Health / OTC / Medications

Thank you for your post, rbaygirl. I finally made it to Walmart today, and I found these products just as you described. They were in a freestanding square bin near the checkout lanes. You saved me a few dollars today because I found one of the products I had on my shopping list that normally costs over $6, but instead I only paid $.88! I also bought another $.88 item, too. Thank you!


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Re: 88 cents (ALWAYS) Health / OTC / Medications

I will have to check this out next visit. Thanks for posting!


Re: 88 cents Health & Over the Counter Medications

So glad you found them, I was hoping this wasn't a 'in my area only' wal-mart thing!
also, I will update my post with the list of 88 cent items, because I just returned from a shopping trip to wal-mart and the 88cent health & otc medication section.

There's GOOD news and a bit of bad.... The good news is that they have added a few NEW items - all still 88 cents:

1) Personal Care Feminine Wash for Sensitive Skin , 9 fl oz (compare to Summers EVE feminine wash) in pink and white bottle.

2) Lansoprazole (Prevacid) 24hr delayed-release acid reducer (Prevacid Brand Name is very expensive, I'm SO GLAD they added this one!)

3) I also noticed some of energy "shot" bottles in different flavors. Keep in mind all of these are all "proprietary blends" and may differ somewhat with the vitamins and/or mineraland strengths. They too are 88 cents, which certainly beats the 5-hour Energy Shot bottles at $2.50 - $3 each!

For the 'bad' news...
I noticed a few weeks ago that the 88 cent Vitamin, Mineral & other Dietary Supplements went on Clearance for 10 cents! I loaded up of course, but they have not restocked any of these, so I assume that they will no longer sell these along with the other 88 cent items.
The company that made these vitamin, minerals and supplements was not the same as most of the other 88 cent products, so perhaps a contract ended or the company no longer produces them, etc. but don't quote me on that. All I know is that they're no longer stocked, so I did remove them from the list.

I'll try to continue to revise the list since I regularly shop the '88 cent section' at least once a week. Thanks.

Thank you for your post, rbaygirl. I finally made it to Walmart today, and I found these products just as you described. They were in a freestanding square bin near the checkout lanes. You saved me a few dollars today because I found one of the products I had on my shopping list that normally costs over $6, but instead I only paid $.88! I also bought another $.88 item, too. Thank you!


Re: 88 cents (ALWAYS) Health / OTC / Medications

rbaygirl, I was in Walmart this afternoon and saw these .88 products in a different area than where I found them before. This time they had 1 complete aisle of these products located in front of the pharmacy. I forgot to look for the standing cardboard display near the registers like I found the first time, so I don't know if it's still there or if they moved all of the products to the shelves.

Also I might add that I have been using one of the products I bought on my first trip, and it is working just great. I actually think it might be more effective than the $6+ product I had been buying before. :thanks7: again for the heads up on these products!


Re: 88 cents (ALWAYS) Health / OTC / Medications

[MENTION=507]robinbrooke[/MENTION] I've had this happen too at my wal-mart store, it's almost like they're playing hide &
i think they're trying to move them around to see where they would be noticed more, because it took me awhile before i noticed them and a customer service mgr. had told me back then that they had been around quite some time, and i cringe everytime I think about how much I overpaid for some of these items, even with the cheaper "national" generics that sit along side the 'brand name' health & over the counter medications...

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I just noticed the prevacid this last week as well!!

previously ours hand generic advil, tylenol, asprin, band aid type things..but dang that prevacid is super expensive. TY for finding them all and getting them typed up!

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I've also made this a sticky for the time being, these are some of the best deals to be had at Walmart. I soooo appreciate you writing them down [MENTION=374910]rbaygirl[/MENTION] I only have access to a small market walmart so ours only has about 8 different products.


I've added an item to the list that I noticed that is now stocked in the 88cent med section at Walmart:

DIGITAL THERMOMETER (with probe covers)

Mine came with batteries already in it, and 10 plastic disposable probe covers and instructions.
At 88 cents each, i can put one in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit!
I'm sure these aren't as quality made as the bigger name brands, but it could come in handy as a backup....

I also added the Pill Boxes and Pill Cutters (I'd forgot about these - they've always been stocked with the other 88 cent stuff).
I have a couple of these pill boxes and there's 2 sizes, one is a smaller one and one is a HUGE one for people like
i keep these loaded with my vitamins and packed in my travel bags and In Case of Emergency Bag ( has a great Check List of suggested items to have packed & ready
in case of emergencies.

until next time....


I noticed a couple more items in the 88 cent health section @ Wal-mart yesterday & added to the main list below...



Cough Drops (several flavors)

Personal Lubricant (K-Y)

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Oh I'd love to get my hands on that oil!!!

And who couldn't use more ky...:whistle67:


awwww, I want the Eucalyptus Oil, too! Will have to look for it! Thanks


Have they discontinued these deals, can't find anymore at my store.

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Have they discontinued these deals, can't find anymore at my store.
I just saw them on Friday at my store.
There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where they're located in the store.
In the past, I have seen them by the registers.
Friday, there were some in big bins, just all mixed together with a sign that said .88, near the beauty aisles.
There were also some on an end cap, near the razors. :dontknow1:


Re: 88 cent Health / OTC / Medications

hey guys & gals...i wanted to update the list since I noticed 4 New items that have been added in the 88 cent "Over the Counter Medicine & Health Care/First Aid items" Bin:

1) Contact Lens Case 2 pair of cases per pack
2013-08-28 09.49.59.jpg

2) Hot & Cold Medicated Patch - 2 patches per box: 1 patch is Cold & 1 patch is Hot
2013-08-28 09.50.05.jpg

3) Nasal Strips (for Nasal Congestion/Allergies) Drug/Medicine/Latex Free - 6 strips per box
2013-08-28 09.49.18.jpg

4) Children's Liquid Allergy - Dye Free/Clear (Generic Benadryl) BubbleGum flavor 4oz.
2013-08-28 09.49.32.jpg

My walmart still stocks these 88 cent products and sometimes they are in one of the shelf areas beside ONE checkout lane or there's a large "Bin" that's located in the front of the store by the battery center near the checkout lanes. Here's a photo of the 88 cent "Bin":

2013-08-28 09.50.14.jpg

Please let us know if you have questions, or if you know about any new and/or updated items, thanks!


It would be worth asking customer service manager - I'm sure most Walmart's carry these products, let us know :)


Re: 88 cent Health / OTC / Medications

Yes!! I discovered these 88 cent items a few months back, they were on a sort of "clearance wall" adjacent to the (back of) the pharmacy / personal hygiene section. Mine also has "Dr. Sheffield's SCAR GEL, helps improve the softness, texture & overall appearance of scars". Sweet deals!


Re: 88 cent Health / OTC / Medications

thanks [MENTION=388657]cathyscoupons[/MENTION] - I'd like to continue to update the "master" list but am unable to do edit my posts, now that the forum has become a "wiki"....