Walgreens - Other 3/1 Wags adventure...not a total fail.

Amber SmithKa

Trader Group
So tonight was the first time in over a year that I've tried to coupon anything at Walgreens. Lets just say I quickly remembered why it used to cuase me such a headache.

My first plan of attack, 2 Crest.
That's supposed to be $3.99 I believe. Receive $3 RR.
Then I was going to use that RR to purchase to Angel Soft that's $3.99.

I no more than get to the toothpaste and suddenly I remember why I gave up on Walgreen's. There was none on the shelf. Instead of just jumping ship and leaving, I decided to keep trying. Then I remember...

Old Spice.... 2 for $10, receive $5 RR. Score! I have the $1/2 coupon & I know my brother said he's low on body wash. When I gotten the Old Spice I see I have made my first mistake. The deodorant is 2 for $10, the body wash 2 for $12. I decided to wait on that one until I figured out how this trip went.

I ended up coming home with:
1 Whole Blends Shampoo & 1 Whole Blends Conditioner - 2/$7
1 Purex Liq. Detergent - $1.99
1 Purex Crystals - $1.99
1 Cottonelle 6pk - $4.99
1 Barbasol - 1.99

I used:
1 Whole Blends coupon from the monthly booklet (comes off twice)
1 Purex Liquid digital
1 Barbasol in ad coupon - $.99

I paid just under $9 OOP

I submitted for $1 Cottonelle on Ibotta as well.

For a total savings of $23.28 (using Walgreen's sale's + coupons) & $1 cashback.

I do think I might make another trip again this week some time but haven't fully decided if I'm brave enough or not.