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@jastwins I have tried 2 Marshall's but haven't found anything. I live near a huge lake and there are lots of pools here. Too much competition in this area. I found 1 tank to try on there but it was extremely high cut on the bottom and low cut on the top with sides that don't hold anything in if you know what I mean.


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Had a SB gift card to add to our Walmart card today. I hadn't gotten the reduced $25 one for the month yet.

DH also needed a memory card for a Garmin we were given and I've been nagging him about getting set up for a couple years now. However, he read the instructions and still wasn't sure what size to buy, so was going to have to talk to the electronics employees.

He's still trying to figure out how to get the maps loaded on it. The instructions claim it could take hours to download things, but my computer shuts down at the drop of a hat so we doubt it will run long enough to download the maps. A Microsoft update disabled the USB ports on his computer so that won't work either. We do have an old tablet and he's hoping it will work to download the maps. We'll see. Jumping through the hoops Microsoft constantly creates is getting to be a REAL pain!

While he was doing that, I made a quick run through the grocery department. Since we didn't really need anything, I didn't really find anything.

I ended up in the shoe department where my foot was feeling good enough I tried on a few shoes. They had some memory foam slip-on sneakers in clearance but none in my size.

Then I checked the regular shoes. Started out in the men's shoes and ended up buying two different pairs in two slightly different sizes, then I also bought a pair of women's slip-ons with no back. They were all memory foam so I'm hoping they will work better on my callus. They certainly fit better than the Sketchers I tried yesterday.

Did get disgusted by the same thing that has angered me for decades, however. I found black sneakers in both men's and women's that were nearly identical. The only difference was that the men's sneakers were about HALF the price of the almost identical women's shoes. They always have to charge women more when it comes to clothing, and shoes, it seems.

There was a book that was very popular back in the1970s called "Dress for Success." In addition to tips on how to dress to get ahead in the business world the author mentioned an experiment he and his wife tried. They bought nearly identical suits and shirts -- his in men's and hers in women's. Hers cost much more despite the fact it was smaller and nearly identical. They tried to wear them to their respective jobs on about the same days. They paid more to have hers dry cleaned and at the end of the experiment period, hers was showing much more wear, because it was more poorly made.

Apparently, things haven't changed much in the past 50 years.

From there we went to the grocery store across town to get some deals before the sales go off tomorrow.

We had coupons for three free items, but only one was in stock. They were substituting for the other and told me I'd have to return another time for the third.

That store doesn't give rain checks due to COVID, but I boycotted it for years and literally had nightmare fights (of their making) with a clique at the service desk who refused to stock merchandise or give rain checks years ago. At least they are better at stocking merchandise these days, but the "no rain check" excuse is getting really old due to what transpired in the past.

We did pick up coffee and a two-pound block of cheese. They were on sale and I had high value coupons that were about to expire.

Berries were three for $6 and they were actually in stock, which was a big surprise.

They had frozen fish fillets on a decent deal with a digital coupon and I also found a nice looking salmon fillet on markdown.

We were supposed to get 30 percent off house brands using a digital coupon, so I bought some pearl barley and coffee filters, but the coupon didn't work so I had to go to the customer service desk for a refund on those.


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Greetings and salutations!
I haven't been here for quite a while and it took me a while to catch up. Always a delight to read about various bargains and adventures!
Apologies for skipping the news and going straight to the bargains, my biggest August find was 4lb. bags of Kroger's pinto beans for $1.49/bag, so I grabbed four as we go through those pretty fast. Still super-happy to have bought a freezer over 11 (eleven) years ago, that appliance paid for itself over and over.
Like everyone else we're playing catch up with climbing prices and hunt for deals and bargains harder than ever. Craft fairs dried up due to the obvious reasons and past Saturday was the first one I was able to participate in in over 18 months which was nice except for the fact someone stole a head mannequin, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a box of masks. Oh well, at least none of the merch got swiped and I managed to sell some winter stuff at the temperatures in and above mid 90s.


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Got a last minute invite from a friend to go to a lake with her yesterday afternoon. I threw together some picnic/snack stuff and spent the evening at the lake too. I got to try out her paddleboard - maybe not with the greatest success. In other words I fell in the lake promptly and got soaked . It was a hot day and it felt pretty good to get a little wet.

Anyway, I did a little mini pizza for lunch before going. For my picnic at dinner, I just threw in veggies and ranch, peanutbutter crackers, and chips.

*Today's lunch: salad with some of the leftover grilled chicken and ranch dressing. This used up a few odd and end veggies out of some small containers in the fridge.

* for dinner I am gonna make another flatbread pizza tonight. My friend gave me some pizza sauce that she made and I want to try it out..

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. After I get home, I am going to make some banana nut muffins. I might throw some in the freezer so that they can thaw as I travel and make breakfast for a few days. That is my excitement for today.

Tomorrow is going to be all about food preparation for leaving on Thursday. I will do some kind of a sandwich spread like tuna or egg salad for a couple of lunches. I am going to chop veggies so they are in useable for for snacking or adding to dinner dishes. The less time i spent on the road messing with food, the more time I have to sightsee and enjoy doing whatever i want.

*Yesterday, I went to the store specifically for the packets of salsa mix in the produce section that you add tomatoes too. I found a Ceaser salad kit dated 9/1 for $1 (I am eating the lettuce from it today and tomorrow). I got 2 mini organic wholly guacamole 4 packs for $1.49. I snacked on one yesterday and will take the rest that I don't eat on the road with me.

A big score was a large veggie tray for $1.99 that was normally $8.99. It had some of the sweet mini peppers along with the usual carrot, celery sticks. and cherry tomatoes. It also had a section of mini cucumbers. I put those in a jar with my leftover pickling brine and will have some mini pickles to take with me on the road. They should be really good to eat once I get to the timeshare in Missouri in 5 days. I have almost finished off my refrigerator pickles chips that I made with the first batch of garlic dills. I have one more cucumber that I might be able to harvest tomorrow and make another jar of refrigerator pickles before leaving. I will probably leave that here for the guys to eat though - my son likes pickles as much as I do just to snack on sometimes.

I am going to have to can tomatoes tomorrow too. There are too many ripening for me to eat and DH doesn't like fresh tomatoes. I think they are a bit to acidic for him. He will use sauce in stuff like chili, but even on pizza or pasta he prefers the white sauce instead of tomato sauces.


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So much for the idea of not dragging more stuff home, but the deals were really too good to pass up.

The discount store that was originally supposed to move and re-open last week and got delayed, got its doors open yesterday. The new store is housed in the grocery store we HATED to see close, but if something had to go in there, we're glad it was something we'll actually shop.

The grand opening isn't for a couple more weeks, but they had a soft opening this week and I had a hunch they might have some good things so we decided to splurge on another trip out of town less than a week from our last one. Today was the last day of the month and we still had both a one dollar fuel reward and a twenty cent one expiring today, so it made sense to fill the tank this morning with the dollar off and top it off when we got home with the 20 cent one. We don't have nearly as many rewards to use next month and don't really want to crack into them so soon.

Didn't expect to find quite as much as we did, but the prices were really hard to resist. Just wish they'd had the delicious bread they sell in stock, but it must not be coming until the grand opening. They didn't have the freezers/refrigerators running either.

We got two-pound bags of an Asian seven whole grain medley and one-pound bags of tri-color quinoa (both retail about $10.99) for one dollar each.

A wide assortment of specialty health-food store teas which retail for about $4.50 up to $9 to $10 each were also one dollar each.

Large bottles of avocado oil that must have retailed for at least $15 each were three dollars.

A case of 12 cans of Costco Mandarin Oranges (retail more than $13 here) was $6.

Oatmeal breakfast cups for the microwave were 25 cents -- they are $1.89 at our regular grocery.

Two-pound bags of kidney beans were $1 each as was a cannister of McCann's Irish Oats.

A 17-oz. carton of Carnation evaporated milk was 25 cents and a small jar of Coleman's mustard was 50 cents.

We got Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper for $2 and a can of Westbrae salt-free kidney beans for 50 cents.

A bag of Bob's Red Mill whole grain pancake mix was $2 -- a little more than half off retail price.

We got other odds and ends as well and could have picked up SO much more, but I did try to control myself.

Before that, we dropped by another grocery store where they were clearing out Herb and Butter Salmon for $2.99 each and each box will serve two of us for $1.50 each.

We also picked up some markdown organic cauliflower and bags of lemons for $1 each.

We went by the outdoor produce stand, but STILL no winter squash to be had and the selection of produce is really slim at all the stands we've visited this year. If it weren't for supermarket produce we wouldn't be doing well.

Finished off the day with a Buy One, Get One free dinner at Carino's. It was my anniversary of signing up for their loyalty program years ago and they sent me a coupon a few days ago.

We didn't hit a lot of places, but those we did definitely made it worth the gas to drive there.
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Didn't get around to doing the muffins last night, so I made them first thing this morning. I had to sample a couple for breakfast.

*lunch is more flatbread pizza. I have at least been trying to make it healthy with a little kale and garden onion on it. I am using the homemade sauce from my friend, but I had to freeze the rest of it. I still have the jar of sauce I opened the other day to take on my trip with me.

*dinner tonight is just a creative get rid of leftovers meal. I still have chicken, a tiny bit of rice and veggies, salad. Lots of veggies laying around here.

I am leaving in the morning and have lunch prepped into a container for the road. It is cheese, fruit, and veggies w/ ranch. I have crackers to grab in the van. Dinner tomorrow will be a one pot meal from a can like soup or chili. Drinks are in the cooler just have to add ice. I am going to clean out the fridge of excess veggies and take them with me. They should last the 3 days in the cooler before I get to the Missouri timeshare. I won't have to get any vegetables at the store that way. I might pick up lettuce on the way and do salads for lunches on the road. I filled some little squeeze bottles with a variety of dressings to throw in the cooler and I have a brand new bottle of ranch in the van if I have to break into it..

Getting excited to go. I am camping tomorrow at a lake in KS that I have been wanting to go to. The following night I have a Cracker Barrel staked out in my old hometown. After that I will have to find a place in Missouri to camp. I know there are a lot of lake campgrounds, but it is also Labor Day weekend and camping might be hard to find between Kansas City and Branson.

Anyway, I am ready to roll out in the morning tomorrow. Even got a car wash today, just in time for the road dirt to start collecting again tomorrow.

I did have to scramble around and find a new AirBNB for Phoenix in November. Host had to cancel and I have a refund coming on my credit card. I got a cheaper place and booked for only one week, so a lot of $$ will be on my card for a while. (my original booking was for 5 weeks) I will use it for gas for this trip. I also put a deposit down yesterday on some dental surgery for October. Not thrilled about that because the total is estimated close to $2000, but my HSA money will cover some of the out of pocket costs. I had to do a $500 deposit just to schedule the surgery.

Pension came today without a hitch, so that is a good sign. The first few months is an 80% estimate so when the final figures are done I will will get a back pay amount along with my regular pension amount. I scheduled my other retirement money to come first Mondays of the month, so with the holiday it will not be in my bank until at least Tuesday the 7th. I still have a ton of money just in my checking though because I saved a lot the last couple of months working just in case something went snafu with the pension or the withdrawals.... (I also didn't spend much on the trip home from Alaska - the wildfire smoke and heat just stopped me from doing much.)


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Went to Walmart, got a couple of boxes of wine with SB gift card and the clearance section had some items for me too! $2 Theraflu 6pk boxes and Equate VaporIce (?) capelets, we may be ready for fall this way all things considered.

My step-daughter came in for a visit, had a wonderful time, sent her home with a bagful of goodies, body wash, soap, toothpaste, etc. She is a great kid, wants to be an RN just like her Dad (DH), very shy and at the same time fiercely independent so at one point I thought I'd have to produce the receipts and rebates to prove the items were free or nearly so (and those were too!)

I have a crochet student tomorrow, and hopefully a craft fair or two in November/December.


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We hit a few stores today, but sales aren't that great this week so we didn't have a huge list to start with.

It was a 10 percent senior discount day at the one store which was a pretty big disappointment. They were out of the free oat milk yogurt for the second week in a row and also out of the hand sanitizer wipes they pulled us in for. Offering a one day Coke coupon yesterday didn't earn them any Brownie points either.

We could get a limit of three 16-oz. bottles of Colgate mouthwash for 99 cents each -- 89 cents after discount. We got the last three bottles, so anyone after us was out of luck. We did pick up some discounted bakery cookies and some crackers on a loss leader deal. We also had a high value coupon on sugar-free yogurt singles so picked up three of them for about 80 cents total after discount.

Next we stopped at Dollar Tree hoping to find some Garbanzo beans -- which seem to be in short supply like so many other things. The store didn't have those, but we did pick up the larger 15-oz. cans of mackerel which we haven't seen in a dollar store for ages. We also bought some frozen blueberries, a bag of "Fiesta-style" frozen vegetables and a big find -- Barilla Pesto!

We next headed to WinCo which has bulk bins, where we finally found garbanzo beans at a decent price.

They always have some really good produce prices and we picked up celery, parsley and cilantro while we were there.

The last stop was our regular store where the fuel points have been a MESS for weeks now. They've recently outsourced the phone customer service and it is a disaster so I suspect they did the same with the computers, but they're only messed up at the one store, not the sister chain. It is VERY confusing and is wreaking havoc at the end of each month. The cards for the two chains are linked and have been -- without problems -- for years now.

I wrote the CEO about the confusion at the end of July when we nearly lost more than 700 fuel points, but never got any response.

NOTHING was crediting at the store this Tuesday so we nearly got our points messed up at the end of August, as well. We finally had to race to the sister store to get something when nearly $40 in purchases didn't credit at the other one. The customer service people said other customers were having similar problems and the corporation just changed the rules so they can't fix it like they used to.

When we checked out today, the computer had AGAIN messed up our August fuel points -- even though they shouldn't have gone down in September. Since we're now heading into the third month of confusion, we decided the manager needed to know about it. It is definitely going to affect his sales if it doesn't get straightened out SOON.

He's a really nice fellow, but wasn't aware there was a problem. I had a bunch of conflicting receipts paper-clipped together and it isn't just the store in our city. The chain in the neighboring city has receipts that are just as chaotic. We asked to speak to him so we could give him some idea of what was going on. He was as confused by them as we were. The computer seems to be pulling obscure numbers out of thin air and we have to go to the sister store to get a receipt with the correct amount. Today the receipt credited when three different ones didn't credit AT ALL on Tuesday, but by today it had fouled up last months points again.

He said he's going to call his regional manager and see if he can get things straightened out. We honestly weren't looking for anything except the confusion to be rectified, but he insisted on giving us $10 to make up for some of the points that had apparently vanished from our account today.

When it isn't one thing, it is another it seems.


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Yesterday was fairly uneventful with an exception of being accepted for another craft fair in November. It's supposed to happen in exactly ten weeks which gives me ample time to get ready, finished a couple of cabled headbands today, five in various stages of being made, I hope to have at least thirty (aspiring for forty to be honest) by the fair time. Going through current stock and also hoping to revitalize my Etsy shop, saving up pennies for a contactless Square (~$50) as my tablet at the market was slower than snot and it's easier to save $50 than $250.

Dinner yesterday was pizza we split with a friend's family, leftovers are my lunch today. Today's dinner is going to be pasta made with leftover ground beef and garden veggies. On to more knitting and laundry.


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Nothing too thrilling to report the past couple days. We've just stayed home, tried to get a few things done here and not spend much.

I've wanted to make some hummus for a couple weeks now after we had a delicious vegetarian sandwich at Panera Bread and I didn't think it would be hard to make a close facsimile.

I should have just experimented with peanut or almond butter, but didn't want to get too far off. We needed tahini and we came across two jars of organic tahini for $1.99 each at a discount store earlier in the week. The pull date on them isn't until 2022.

Then we didn't have lemons. I have large bottles of lemon juice downstairs, but am short of fridge space.

Finally got the lemons and I was sure I had quite a few bags of garbanzo beans, but apparently not -- either that or DH put them somewhere I don't know about, which is quite possible. I knew I could substitute another bean, but I REALLY like the taste of garbanzo beans.

Anyway, I discovered garbanzo beans are quite expensive right now or non-existent in most of our stores. Our regular store has bulk bins, but not only was the price high, but the garbanzo bean compartment was empty. I checked the shelf price and didn't like what I saw.

We checked a few other stores and couldn't find them at all. Now I wish I hadn't passed on so many discounted ones in the past.

Finally ended up at WinCo which is where I knew I should go in the first place. It is right across the street from our regular store. However, it is a huge superstore that is always crowded. While I've never had any problems at the "new" store -- which is now quite a few years old -- it was a constant fight to get charged the proper price at the old store, so I guess I just developed an aversion and only go there for certain things I KNOW will be cheaper.

Produce and bulk products are generally a good price there, but I can often do better on regular shelf items by watching mega sales and loss leaders. For instance, I got Triscuits for $1.49 a box (limit 2) on Thursday at another store, but since it was a senior discount day, we only paid $1.34 a box. They were $1.99 at WinCo on a "Green Tag Special" as we entered the store. That isn't a bad price, but I can do better if I watch sales, so I usually don't bite on a lot of their "Wall of Values" at the store entrance.

We get fuel points at the other stores we shop, and that is a big deciding factor, as well, since WinCo doesn't have a fuel program. Its web site is almost impossible to use to compare prices like the other stores, as well.

Should have looked for fresh garbanzo beans while we were there, since it is the only store in town that sells them and they are a nice treat -- but I forgot. We did get dried garbanzos for 93 cents a pound in the bulk bins, however, so it made it worth a stop.

The hummus turned out well and we had it on vegetarian sandwiches for dinner tonight. Didn't get it done until late last night and it needed time to cool in the fridge. Wanted it MUCH earlier in the week, but running all over town for hummus ingredients didn't seem like a good use of time once I realized how many ingredients I was missing, so I just picked them up as I came across deals.


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Today we found $1.00 plants at Lowes. We got 6 small houseplants and 4 ginger plants that I am hoping come back next year. Also went to my favorite local mom and pop nursery. While we were there the lady came out and said all annuals were $1 for us since we are great customers! I know they will die in a few months but will be able to enjoy those $20 worth of plants on our patio until cold weather/frost.

Grilled chicken Friday night, grilled shrimp Saturday night (all sale items), leftovers tonight and grilled steak tomorrow for the Labor Day holiday. paired with 5/$1 ears of corn, potatoes purchased with a wine tag, and salads.

MY BIL and SIL were supposed to visit but that didn't work out so I didn't go to any thrift stores as I had hope. I don't really NEED anything but I like to look. So saved potential $.

Planning to have salads for lunch during the week and eating out of the freezer for dinner. Will take a bit of meal planning since everything will have to be defrosted the day before.


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After three pretty long days of travel, I have made it to Branson Missouri. Gonna enjoy my week here - resort has a nice pool if nothing else appeals to me to do around here. I am gonna torture myself with a timeshare presentation tomorrow for 2 show tickets and $229 gift card (the amount that I paid for my exchange week here!)

I stayed at a different lake in KS than I was originally aiming for, but the campground was very nice. Night two was not at cracker barrel. I decided to drive a little further to a rest area east of town. Night three, I got lucky and found a campsite at Pom de terra (?) lake which was not far out of Branson. I ate picnic stuff and had a hamburger at Freddy's just one night.

Today was a fiasco though. I broke my phone and had to get a new one in Springfield. I got lucky and found a store open to buy another one today at a cost of $350+ out of my dwindling funds. :( Oh well, poop happens.... It is a nicer phone than I had before.

I ended up grabbing McDonalds too in Springfield Mo. but it was only a couple of $.

Anyway, I am just relaxing this evening. I think I will make myself a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner tonight for something easy. I am already running a second load of laundry and have a third one to go in soon. The washer here is one of those small stack ones, but at least it is free and located inside my condo unit. I had a couple of veggie casualties that I need to clean up and toss, but I haven't got to that yet today.

Any sight seeing today got cancelled because of the phone fiasco..... I am not even going to the store until tomorrow as there is no emergency to do that. I did buy a couple of items at Aldi on Friday, but it was only $4 or so for that stuff.

* so far gasoline had gotten cheaper as I have come eastward. It is $1/gallon less here that the last gas up that I did in Denver.:D


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Well, Saturday turned out to be a bit of a disaster in terms of getting Swagbucks from Magic Receipts but no worries, I will return the stuff tomorrow and have both gift cards back that I can promptly spend on some of other rebates and save the rest for later.

Finished (as in cast off and blocking) six more headbands bringing the total number to 21, continuing cotton shawl No.1 and progressing on one of the 'ugly Santa' stockings order, will probably try to make up for the number of washcloths to 60. These days I find people are tight with their money and I can't blame them since I squeeze pennies to the max as well, so all I can do is make affordable stuff with the yarn I can afford. No point in spending hundreds of hours on intricate wedding shawls, etc. out of expensive yarn and then getting tired of having it forever and letting it go for less than cost of yarn.


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*Dinner is a bean and cheese burrito with homemade salsa from tomatoes that I brought with me.

* lunch ended up going in the microwave. I had a mini naan pizza assembled and the oven wouldn't work. Mantainence guy ended up just brining in a brand new stove because he could not repair it....

My afternoon was spent wasting a timeshare salesman's 3 hours. I got show tickets for 2 nights out of it worth $45 each. I also got a $269 amex gift card. It was worthwhile to waste a hot afternoon in the sales center for a few $$. I wasn't doing anything anyway. I went to the pool/hottub afterward and then sat in the sun for a little bit on the pool patio.

Tonight I am gonna see if there is anything on the TV to watch. If not, then youtube will be a happening thing. I did go for a nice walk this morning while it was still cool. I also just drove around town for a while to get oriented. Lastly I stopped into Aldi for a couple of items, including the can of beans for dinner. There is a ton of beans left and so I might just have nachos in a couple of days. I have a partial bag of tortilla chips that I brought with me.

Tomorrow night is one my show tickets, but all day is free to do something else. Might be a good day to go to the nearby lake since the holiday is over. I bought some bagged lettuce at Aldi and can make a sack lunch to take with me.

Running dishwasher tonight since I am just hanging here anyway. I also threw more clothes in the washer just so they don't stack up.
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We went to several stores today, even though that wasn't the original plan.

We first headed across town to pick up some deals before the sale expires tomorrow. I've been having a hard time getting the frees they've been offering, but did manage to find them in stock today.

We went to a couple thrift stores, but didn't really find what we were looking for. Did pick up a couple old fashioned vegetable peelers at the first one. I just don't do well with the big bulky new ones.

We went to a dollar store after that, and again didn't find the items for which we were looking. I did pick up a small grater for things like zesting lemons.

As soon as we got home one of the peelers and the grater went to the travel kitchen bag so we'll have those.

We went to Big Lots next and again didn't find much. However, they did have summer merchandise 75 percent off so we picked up a couple citronella candles. That was when I realized I hadn't purchased another Big Lots card a few weeks ago or else I didn't remember I spent it after we bought it.

Anyway, we needed another and we could get four times fuel points for a Labor Day special. That meant we needed to make a stop at our regular grocery to pick up another card. Found a few produce markdowns there, including bananas, a bag of three different colored sweet peppers and a bag of three lemons.

Not the most thrilling day, but at least we didn't spend much -- except for the gift card which we'll use on purchases in the future.


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Today, I slept in till almost 9am. I decided to attempt to make some pancakes for breakfast, and at the last minute I added a mushed up soft banana to get rid of it. The pancakes tasted good, but I think I should have cut the water back even more than I did. Anyway, I have 4 extra small pancakes to eat another day this week.

After that I walked over to the resorts activity center and talked to the lady there for a while. I then went for a "walk" on a trail that had a brutal amount of steps -338 to be exact. Going down wasn't bad but coming up about killed me.

*Lunch salad with the lettuce I bought yesterday and some odd and end veggies that I already had. I added a little chicken and ranch dressing to finish it off.

I am being lazy today and might just go do bingo in a bit at the activity center. I have a show ticket for tonight and not inclined to do much else in the heat. I looked at museum brochures, but I think another day would be fine for those. I did reserve a scenic train ticket tomorrow. I found a $2 of coupon on line and paid the $32 balance from that gift card that i got yesterday at the sales presentation.

* dinner might be another flatbread pizza or else I will do a stirfry. At Aldi, one of the items I picked up was a 26 once frozen General Tso's chicken. That will probably make 4 meals for me by the time I add veggies and rice.


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Today was a ten percent senior discount day, but I knew it would be a challenge since we couldn't get to the store until later this evening. They tend to be wiped out -- even when we get there early in the day. As expected they were out of a LOT of things including toilet paper (what's new?), vegetable broth, canned, low sodium chicken broth ... and cumin. What's the deal with cumin? Can't seem to find it anywhere the past several days. Is that an item I should have been "hoarding" all these months?

Anyway, despite all the missing products we were able to get some good deals on several items by matching digital coupons with sales and the discount. It was mostly odds and ends like English muffins, bagels, color-safe bleach, cheese, crackers, potato chips, frozen vegetables ...

We also hit a bonanza of markdown produce bags which I was most excited about -- onions, peppers, Mandarin oranges, peaches, plums, apples and lemons.

We had a bonus fuel points offer dependent on the amount you purchased. Had everything been in stock we most likely could have added 150 fuel points to our total, but without the additional items we did make it to a 100 fuel point bonus.

Of course, nothing can ever quite go to plan. We had a coupon for $2/$10 in the health and beauty department, but the store categorizes things oddly and I honestly don't know the difference between "health and beauty" versus "personal care." Is a bar of facial soap "beauty," but a bar of deodorant soap is "personal?" If so, they ought to talk to the dermatologist who told me to use deodorant soap on my face to combat teenage acne. Is a bottle of over the counter aspirin considered "health" or is it considered "pharmacy?"

Tried to get some idea on the computer, but when you fed "health and beauty" into the store's search engine it mostly listed vitamins from the health food department -- which is a completely different from "health and beauty," "personal care" and "pharmacy!" :confused:

Apparently the computer didn't consider all of the $11 or$12 worth of items we purchased to be "health and beauty" even though we picked them up on the same two or three aisles in the store.

The coupon didn't come off, but thankfully the fellow at the customer service desk gave us our money back without question.


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I did do flatbread pizza for dinner last night. I went to the pool after the Bingo game yesterday and wanted something quick. The show last night was good.

I will do a stirfry for lunch today for sure.

I threw my laundry in the washer while eating breakfast.

I am gonna drive over to the State Park at Table Rock to look around this morning. After that is lunch and my afternoon train ride. Np plans for this evening other than relax.


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Yesterday was a good day, pasta and marinara sauce and Bic Soleil razors money makers went through without any issues, so I was a happy camper considering no green money came out of pocket, just balance off of a gift card. The Magic Receipt option on Swagbucks from those deals got me enough for next month's $25 for $22, and I got enough to cash out Checkout51, will send iBotta balance to the bank once it hits $30, that money is going toward new hair clippers since the one we got years ago for Christmas promptly broke this morning right after DH's haircut.

Knitting progress is slow but I got back into the groove and have several 'zombie projects' I could knit with my eyes closed. My friend is sending me her extra or unwanted yarn and let me tell you that stuff is fancy, she's got great and expensive taste but there's only 24 hours in a day so I got lucky.

Opened a new box of Hefty garbage bags (Blackout Ultra Strong, Clean Burst) and I swear the blasted thing is as thin as budget garbage bags. I'm going to see if it holds up as the previous batches and if not I'm getting my money back from Amazon and reporting the issue to customer service.


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*After the train ride. I took another nice little sidewalk stroll next to Lake Taneycomo. No cost and very relaxing.

*i did nachos tonight with the refried beans for dinner.

I ran the dishwasher before I even started the dinner project. Lunch dirtied up more than one pot! I threw the veggies in a skillet with the sauce from the frozen chicken, but the chicken went in the oven to crisp before I added it to the skillet. I had another pot with rice on the stove too. I did put the leftovers in some rubbermaid containers and can heat them in the microwave for future meals this week....

The only $ I spent was $3.50 for a snack/drink on the train. I got no plans for tonight except TV/youtube watching for a bit and maybe a trip to the swimming pool if I get really enthused. My enthusiasm is not too high right now though - the though of early bedtime is floating around in my brain too.

* I got some butter out to make cookies from a pouch that I bought at Aldi, but I am guessing I will end up doing that in the morning too.