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All---- Still getting everything with the blogs up and running.... This is a huge task.... I hope to have the report and add coupons I the database up and running in the next day or so.... I have the major categories of the database working but I still need to do the minor one (Blinkie, mailer stuff like that )


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Is anyone else having problems reaching the "New Posts" and "Recent Posts" tabs here on HCW?

I've been trying for several weeks and keep getting a "Too many redirects" error message. I let it go for a while, because I thought perhaps it was a glitch in the system. However, I can only respond to the threads I have marked as "Watched" or one of the new posts if they appear on the right sidebar. I can't see what new threads anyone else is posting.

I tried logging out and logging back in and I clear cookies regularly, but still can't reach the new or recent posts. I also tried a different browser last week and that didn't work either.

Since it has gone on for so long I thought I'd better mention it in case others are having the same problems viewing the site.

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@Gardencook, I am experiencing the same exact issues you are and am glad you alerted Dave and Tammy. It happens on my computer, phone and ipad. If I try to visit 3 or more parts of the site, I get the too many redirects message as well. My cookies were cleared twice and it still does not let me stay on HCW too long. Hopefully, it can be remedied. Thank you for posting this. I posted something under the August train and @itsfun2save had similar issues.


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Is anyone else having problems reaching the "New Posts" and "Recent Posts" tabs here on HCW?

Same here - getting this message when I click on NEW or Recent posts
Something went wrong.

And for a few months NOT getting ANY emails when I get messages -

TY gardencook, jastwins for postsing

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