2017 Stockpile Lessons and Goals

Discussion in 'Stockpiling Guide & Discussions' started by Amalgamate, Mar 22, 2017.

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    What are your goals for this year? What will you do the same or different, compared to previous years? And what did you learn last year?

    I learned my husband doesn't use unfamiliar forms of veggies. For instance, he loves tomatoes in his eggs throughout the year, so I froze some in ice cube trays and dried others. He bought fresh and ignored the stored. He's really not picky and will eat the others when I fix them...he's just unsure of using them himself. So my goal this year is to teach my husband how to use preserved produce.

    I hope to increase my toiletry stockpile. We typically keep 1-2 months of stuff on hand, and I'd like to expand that to at least 6 months.
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    I've come to a place in my life where I'm going to have to cut back for practical reasons on the amount of stuff I stockpile. Right now, I'm trying furiously to pare down. I'm sharing a lot of food, especially the past 4 months. I have found an outlet where I can put maybe 50 items a week in a certain place and there's a dozen regulars who come and go at this location and take what they need. I replenish when I see the need. Someone left a thank you note last month. He had no clue who was leaving the food. His words were touching.

    That said, when CVS has a good Charmin deal, I'm all over it!
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    I am trying to stop stockpiling food items so much - not hba stuff. When it was all 5 of us here and I made big meals to feed us and extra kids with enough left for Hubs' lunch the next day, it was easy and necessary to justify the need for a big stockpile of canned goods, boxed mixes (brownies, cakes, etc.), lots of pasta and rice, etc. Now though, most of the time at least one of our sides is a fresh vegetable so I find it takes a very long time to use up canned or other non-perishables.

    I have also quit buying as much meat to freeze as I once did and I have a new system I've implemented over the past year. If there is a good sale on meat for that week I buy it and cook it from fresh. If there are no good sales, I use something from the freezer. Of course there are exceptions when you find deals you can't pass up.

    I have also been really diligent about using my freezer log. When something goes in, I record what it is, the date, how much and even the location in the freezer where I put it - all in a simple word file. When something gets taken out and used it's marked off. It has really been helpful.

    The other day I saw a guy mention on a friend's FB page that he is still eating canned chili with a "use by" date of 2007 - yes, 10 years ago (he showed pics). He adamantly insisted it was as good as the day it was processed. I know stuff doesn't go bad the day after an expiration date - I have used yogurt that was still good months later - but no thanks to 10 year old food. He must be one frugal guy.

    This is the link he cited: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/sell-by-dates-have-little-to-do-with-food-safety-2013-09-19
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