Choo Choo...& We're Off! 12 Days of Christmas Envies ~ Rider's Choice Train ~ 13th Annual ~ Post when you mail/receive!


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I was lucky and received two wonderful envelopes today. One from flowerkitty and the other from jsferrazza. thank you both l
ladies. You both made my day. the coupons are awesome. i really appreciate them since I live in no coupon land.


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I received a nice envie from @jsferrazza. Sadly it was 1/4 the way eaten by a postal machine & was delivered in a plastic sleeve.

I also received a great envie from @mydogalex2000 .
Thanks to both!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


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Received envies from @mydogalex2000 and @grandma608 ! Thank you both for the wonderful envies and goodies. Much appreciated!
Merry Christmas to all ! We had snow this morning!


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I received envies from flowerkitty and grandma608 ~ both were wonderful! Thank you!


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Yes I did it was great. Just got home from camping or I would have answered sooner. no internet at camp