“Not passing the audit process”


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Call AB @1-800-342-5283 and spoke to a man and he helped me get the last 3 rebates that "didn't pass audit" and told me that a check would be in mail for these rebates. He couldnt tell me why this was happening, but says getting several complaints. He did say there was no limit to rebates unless it says so on a rebate. Glad I call, I'm getting my money. Everybody should call the number to get help. Just go through the props till it tells you sto stay on line for help.

This phone number doesn't appear to work anymore; I get a recording that their assistance has all gone digital. Anyone else have a way to contact them?


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Has anyone gotten any resolution for the "audit" issue with using a real name vs. a nickname (Patrick vs. Pat)? I've done everything I can think of and still am having issues. I don't see how realistic it is to chat or email AFTER.EVERY.SINGLE.REBATE and then having to wait 7 to 10 days and then sometimes having to go through the whole process again for the same rebate. Such a PITA!!! Anyone have any tips or ideas? Feel free to PM me.


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They finally fixed my account. I had to contact Anheuser directly. Is anyone still having problems?
I haven't tried to send in any rebates since I kept getting rejected last year and was told that I had done too many. How did you resolve by calling? They just took you off the reject list? I may try to send in a small rebate this weekend and see if I am back in their good graces.
I called Anheser and went back and forth and they finally removed the flag on my acct? It’s worth trying. Send one in and see what happens first