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  1. Amber SmithKa
    Amber SmithKa
    Super excited to get started on here.
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  2. Jorainna
    A new year underway ... time certainly flies ...
  3. Richard Molby
    Richard Molby
    I am awake - I think :-D :grinning:
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  4. Richard Molby
    Richard Molby
    I have had the most pleasant conversation with one of the traders tonight. What a great person she is!
  5. Richard Molby
    Richard Molby
    I am new to HCW but been clipping coupons since I was little... about 40 years now!
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  6. Jorainna
    Summer is slowing winding down and school starts back this week. Where did the time go?
  7. Jorainna
    Spring is here finally (crosses fingers)! It is in the 70's outside right now!
  8. Checkout Saver
    Checkout Saver
  9. pokey
    I miss so many of my old friends!
  10. mary topinka
  11. STallerico
    Be kind to one another
  12. Jorainna
    There were snow flakes this morning!
  13. XUfan
    Don't know what you've seen, don't know what you've been through, all I know is my God will never let go of you (Ryan Stevenson)
  14. XUfan
    Don't know what you've been taught, don't know what you've been told
  15. bugweena
    Living the dream.
  16. Jorainna
    Enjoying October's bright blue skies ... autumn's here!!
  17. milborn
    Do what has to be done.
  18. Stephiemommie
    I'm so confused.... where do I start???? What do I do first?
  19. MJL Things
    MJL Things
    Faith-Based Accessories
  20. KimShaw
    Excited to be back on HCW!