Buy This, Not That: Saving Money On Ice Melt

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Buy This Not That Ice Melt

Saving Money On Ice Melt

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When the weather turns to snow and you need to purchase ice melt to keep your sidewalks safe and free of ice there is a little tip. Instead of buying bags of road salt that is packaged as ice melt head on over to the water softener area of your local hardware store and pick up a bag of crystal water softener salt instead. It is pretty much the same thing – large salt crystals and does the job just as well. And you get more bang for your buck.

For example at Home Depot a 20 lb. bag of Roadrunner brand bag of ice melt costs $5.48. While a 40 lb. bag of Morton brand white crystal water softener salt costs $4.78. You get twice the salt for 70¢ less!

We have been using the crystal water softener salt for years now up here in Wyoming, and really there is no difference in performance. We store our road salt in 5 gallon buckets, as well as keep some in both of our vehicles just in-case we get stuck. Now, my husband is a truck driver and swears by keeping a bag of the water softener salt pellets in his truck, he says the larger pellets offer better traction for a semi truck…I will just have to take his word on that one.


  1. If you live in really cold areas IE below 27 degrees. Just the plain rock salt or water softern salt will not melt the ice and snow. You need the extra chemicals like the calcium chloride to help drop the melting point.


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