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    Monday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Thursday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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    Paul Sullivan
    Paul Sullivan
    5 months ago
    You got rid of the chicken pot pies you made in store..... now you sell premade in a factory much smaller and just as expensive. I guess big y now lost my business. I paid a premium to shop here because we loved your chicken pot pie!
    Dawn Leighton
    Dawn Leighton
    5 months ago
    Not good. Was 11am on a Wednesday they had a crew in working on registers so I wasn't surprised they could only open 4 registers. That was fine but there were at least 10-15 customers trying to check out. Not any baggers which too twice as long.But there were two young guys that were being trained. That's fine but doesn't the FRONT END Manager have enough brains to tell them to bag and get the customers finished then go back to training??? She clearly didn't know what she was doing. I'm patient and waited for 5-8 full minutes that NOBODY in any line moved. That was how SLOW it was taking. Finally I just left my items and walked out. I understand that ALL stores need help and are short staff but this was ridiculous! Better training and COMMON SENSE needed at Franklin location!
    Big Y has an excellent selection of local and unique foods you can't find in other markets, especially desserts. (I highly recommend the carrot cake sandwich cookies in the bakery section). The employees are always upbeat and actually seem happy to work there. They have an excellent commitment to community and even have a scholarship fund. So why did I take off two stars? The prices are fairly high, and their sales rarely make up for it. The exception is the mybigy offers which are usually a steal, but you need to download the app to take advantage of them. I only usually shop here when there is a good mybigy offer, or to stock up on their unique selection, and only buy what I can't get cheaper anywhere else.
    Kathleen Seb
    Kathleen Seb
    8 months ago
    I had a world class experience today at the Franklin Big Y bakery! I had forgotten to order a special sheet cake for our retirement party today; yesterday I went to the bakery and spoke with David, the assistant bakery manager, and he told me he could have it ready in 24 hours, which was perfect. The perfection continued when I picked it up today exactly at the time he said it would be ready. Betty, the wonderful cake decorator was putting on the finishing touches which included a photo in icing on the cake!! I wish I could put the photo here! and it was delicious!!! Thank you big Dave and Betty for fabulous customer service'and cake making!!
    Todd Bevan
    Todd Bevan
    1 year ago
    Great service. Great meats. Produce isn't as good as it was 2 years ago

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