Play-Doh Sets (15 Best Sets on Sale!!) Baby Shark & Unicorn Play-Doh Sets!

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Amazon Play Doh Deals

Play-Doh Craft Kits

Kids are always happy to get ✅Play-Doh Craft Kits for birthdays or just for afternoon fun! Update: The *NEW* Play-Doh Tootie The Unicorn Ice Cream Set, the Rolled Ice Cream Set & the Paw Patrol Rescue Marshall Set are the lowest ever on Amazon!

Have you seen the new ✅Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set?  It includes TWELVE CANS of Play-Doh!!

Pick up some Play-Doh Sets on sale for your gift closet!


We have rounded up the 15+ best Play-Doh Sets on sale on Amazon for you:

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Get the Play-Doh Sets direct links & details below.

Play-Doh My Little Pony Ponyville Pies Set with 5 Colors – $5.59 (reg. $9.99)

    • My little Pony fans can get creative and make colorful Play-Doh pies with their favorite Pony characters
    • Pinkie Pie doubles as a stamper to shape pretend cherries for fun Pie fillings, and the Apple cutter makes imaginary Apple slices
    • Applejack was reimagined as a rolling cutter to make it easy to create a lattice design on top of the pretend pies
    • Rainbow Dash works as a plastic knife to slice the pies, and her mane and tale can also be decorated with Play-Doh colors
    • Features 5 Play-Doh Modeling compound colors including 4 small 1-ounce cans and 1 standard 2-ounce can of silly, squishy, pony-tastic fun for kids ages 3 and up

Play-Doh Paw Patrol Rescue Marshall Toy Figure & Toolset with 4 Non-Toxic Colors – $5.59 (reg. $9.99)

    • Rescue missions with Marshall from Paw Patrol – this Paw Patrol activity set for kids 3 and up inspires them to imagine their own rescue missions with squishy, colorful Play-Doh compound
    • Double-barrel Play-Doh water cannon – the double water cannon squeezes strings of Play-Doh water and can attach and detach from Marshall’s pup pack.
    • Earn your firefighter badge – re imagine your own paw Patrol missions by stamping a Play-Doh version of Marshall’s badge and cali the cat, or using the molds on the firehouse for more fun creations
    • 4 Play-Doh colors – this Paw Patrol arts and crafts set brings the right colors with non-toxic Play-Doh compound in 3 fun size 1-ounce cans and 1 standard 2-ounce can.
    • Great for Paw Patrol fans – the detailed Marshall action figure has a stamper on the bottom to let kids recreate their favorite scenes from the Paw Patrol TV show

Play-Doh My Little Pony Make ‘N Style Ponies Playset – $6.99 (reg. $11.99)

    • Play-Doh play lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity Can packs and basic tool sets offer all kinds of open-ended play. Playsets come in many different themes and offer lots of creative role play
    • Make the cast from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series or customize your own
    • 4 molds to create each type of pony: Earth, Pegasus, Unicorns and Princesses
    • A rainbow of 9 colors lets you get creative with your favorite ponies
    • Make cutie marks, rainbow manes and tails and more with the half-mold palette
    • 4 pony bases, pony book-mold, 2-piece extruder, half-mold palette and 9 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound

Play-Doh Noodle Makin Mania Set – $8.99 (reg. $14.99)

    • Play-Doh play lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity
    • Can packs and basic tool sets offer all kinds of open-ended play
    • Playsets come in many different themes and offer lots of creative role play
    • Simply choose a disc to change the shape

*NEW* Play-Doh Tootie The Unicorn Ice Cream Set with 3 Non-Toxic Colors Featuring Color Swirl Compound – $8.81 (reg. $19.99)  Best Price!

    • Meet too tie the magical ice cream maker – this electronic unicorn toy can make your wackiest ice cream dreams come true. Get giggling with hilarious Play-Doh ice cream poopin’ Action!
    • Silly sounds and motion – we don’t call her too tie for nothing! When you lift and lower her mane to make play ice cream, she makes over 9 silly sounds, changes her facial expression, and lifts her legs.
    • Amazing Play-Doh color swirl compound – with 2 non-toxic Play-Doh colors swirled together in a 4-ounce can, you can make amazing rainbow creations! Also includes 2 standard 2-ounce Play-Doh cans.
    • So many possibilities – add crazy candies and toppings with 20 molds on the Playset, and too tie “dispenses” 4 Play-Doh ice cream shapes with the rail. Show off creations with the cone, dishes, and spoon!
    • A delight for kids and kids at heart – this battery operated Play-Doh sundae set makes a funny gift for kids ages 3 and up who love Unicorns and getting creative with squishy things like Modeling clay.

Play-Doh Pinkfong Baby Shark Set with 12 Non-Toxic Cans – $9.99 (reg. $14.99)

    • Baby shark (Doo Doo Doo) – the internet’s catchiest song just became a Play-Doh Playset! Imagine your own baby shark stories with squishy, colorful Play-Doh compound.
    • Make your own shark family – the 21 Play-Doh tools included with this baby shark toy lets kids create their own mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and of course baby sharks!
    • Includes 12 Play-Doh cans – with over 1 pound of non-toxic Play-Doh compound, there’s plenty for kids to share and let their imaginations swim free.
    • A fun gift for kids ages 3 and up – for kids who love pinkfong baby shark and getting creative with Arts and crafts like Modeling clay, This Play-Doh set is just right for almost any occasion!


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Rollzies Rolled Ice Cream Set with 4 Cans of Play-Doh Color Burst Compound Plus 5 Additional Non-Toxic Colors – $9.99 (reg. $14.99) Best Price! Today Only!

    • MAKE YOUR OWN PLAY-DOH ROLLED ICE CREAM – This Play-Doh ice cream set for kids 3 years and up makes it fun and easy for them to roll their own colorful pretend ice cream masterpieces.
    • PLAY-DOH COLOR BURST COMPOUND – Speckles of one color fuse into another for amazing swirly effects, and eventually the 2 colors mix into a whole new color! Includes 4 standard 2-ounce Play-Doh Color Burst cans.
    • WACKY WAFFLE DESSERT TACOS – Use the waffle maker to press wacky waffles, then fold them up with your make-believe ice cream rolls to design your own colorful pretend dessert tacos with Play-Doh compound.
    • INCLUDES 5 ADDITIONAL PLAY-DOH COLORS – In addition to the 4 Play-Doh Color Burst cans, this set includes 5 traditional non-toxic Play-Doh colors in 2-ounce and 1-ounce cans.
    • ALL THE RIGHT PLAY-DOH ACCESSORIES – With 4 ice cream cups, spoon, and other accessories to complete the set, this ice cream toy makes a great gift or activity for kids who love to get creative with modeling clay.

Play-Doh Ice Pops ‘N Cones Freezer Plus Pack with 8 Airtight Containers Filled with Non-Toxic Compound – $6.99 (reg. $12.99) Best Price! Today Only!

    • 8 Play-Doh ice cream cones and freezer pops – it’s the non-toxic Play-Doh compound we all know and love, but it comes in 8 fun containers shaped like ice pops and ice cream cones!
    • Irresistibly fun Play-Doh containers – these airtight play food containers each have 3 ounces of 2 different Play-Doh colors inside. They also have built-in molds to make even more silly treats.
    • Easy and fun to open packaging – It might look like a plain box on the outside, but unboxing it is quite a treat with fun pictures printed inside. Best of all, the box is reusable for storage and recyclable!
    • A sweet gift for cool kids – This Play-Doh set is a fun creative activity or gift for preschoolers and toddlers ages 2 and up, or for any kid who loves to get hands-on with Modeling clay to create pretend ice cream.

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations – $6.99 (reg. $14.99) Best Price! Today Only!

    • High quality toys for children all ages
    • Made using safe materials
    • Tested for quality and durability
    • Everything you need to feel like you’re in a real cookie bakery
    • Includes 4 cutters to create circle, square, star and heart-shaped Play-Doh cookies
    • Textured rolling pin lets you add fun patterns
    • Press pretend frosting with the extruder and create make-believe sandwich cookies
    • Includes tray, roller, 2-Piece extruder, 4 cutters, spatula and 5 cans of Play-Doh brand Modeling compound

Play-Doh Wheels Excavator & Loader Toy Construction Trucks with Non-Toxic Sand Buildin’ Compound Plus 2 Additional Colors – $6.99 (reg. $9.99)

    • 2 toy trucks for heavy hauling’ Creative fun – the front loader and excavator toy Construction vehicles include lots of fun ways to get creative with non-toxic Play-Doh compound. Boys and girls ages 3 and up will really dig these rigs – it’s the next best thing to playing in real dirt!
    • Featuring Play-Doh sand building’ Compound plus 2 colors -this construction set comes with 2 ounces of Play-Doh sand building’ Compound – it’s just like the quality Play-Doh compound we all know and love with specks mixed in to look like sand! Set also comes with two additional 2-ounce cans in classic orange and metal grey for more construction fun.
    • Rock out With the excavator – shape the Play-Doh sand compound into rocks with the mold inside the excavator’s shovel, then let the rocks drop and crash! Both the excavator and the front loader also have molds for other fun creations like shovels and hard hats.
    • Scoop and sculpt with the front loader – press Play-Doh compound through the front loader bucket to create building beams and logs. Both trucks can also roll tire tracks into Play-Doh compound for more rough ‘N rumble fun!
    • Build your own construction zone – Play-Doh wheels sets feature construction truck toys with a creative Play-Doh twist. Truck-loving little ones who enjoy arts and crafts activities with Modeling clay will be revved-up and ready to roll with two of their favorite ways to play in one! Each Play-Doh wheels set sold separately.

Play-Doh Featuring Disney Frozen Olaf’s Sleigh Ride – $13.49 (reg. $15.99) Get 1 FREE PROMO WYB 2 participating items

    • Imagine icy adventures with Olaf – this fantastically fun Disney Frozen toy features a Play-Doh toy sleigh with different fun ways to play, Plus an Olaf figure that can go on and off the sleigh.
    • Clap his hands and grow his hair – Press his head to grow hair with Play-Doh compound. Attach the stampers and press his head again to clap his hands and stamp A little Sven or a snowflake.
    • Create a snowy scene – the removable roller underneath the sleigh stamps Play-Doh snowflake patterns, while the molds on the side of the sleigh create lanterns, trees, and other scenery and characters.
    • Includes 5 Play-Doh colors – With 5 non-toxic Play-Doh colors in standard 2-ounce cans, kids can shape, mix, squish, and squeeze colorfully fun creations with this Olaf toy.
    • Fun for Frozen fans – for kids who love the Disney Frozen movie and creative toys like Modeling clay, This Play-Doh set is a great activity or gift for kids 3 years and up.


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Delightful Donuts Set with 4 Colors – $8.80 (reg. $14.99) Buy 1 Get 1 50% off PROMO WYB 2 participating items

    • Kids can imagine their own crazy donut café with these donut-making tools and 4 Play-Doh colors in 2-ounce cans
    • Stamp silly donuts with Play-Doh compound in different shapes with the 4 molds and create lots of make-believe mini donuts with the donut hole tool
    • Decorate the pretend donuts by squeezing imaginary icing from the frosting tool and turning the sprinkle crank handle to shower them in colorful sprinkles
    • Make swirls of Play-Doh steam and wacky whipped cream rise from the adorable toy teacup, just like a cup of pretend tea or hot chocolate
    • Display the creations on the stand, which also features molds to create even more Play-Doh treats

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer – $8.99 (reg. $16.99)

    • Junior bakers can get creative with their own pretend mixer
    • Press to spin and stamp Play-Doh cookies and crazy cupcakes
    • Features 2 stamp attachments for imaginative possibilities
    • Top with fluffy Play-Doh Plus frosting and pretend candies
    • Creation cards feature step-by-step how-tos to make even more Play-Doh treats
    • Includes mixer, 2 stamper attachments, decorating tool, spatula, plate, 2 creation cards, instructions, 1 can of Play-Doh Plus compound, and 4 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound (net weight 9 ounces/252 grams). Ages 3 years and up

Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Set – $8.90 (reg. $14.99)

    • Play dentist with the classic Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill set
    • Keep the fun buzzing and fight cavities with the electric drill
    • Create silly Play-Doh teeth with the tooth mold
    • Roll braces with the stamping roller
    • Squeeze silly toothpaste through the toothbrush

Play-Doh Sparkle Compound Collection – $4.49 (reg. $9.99)

    • 6 colors of Play-Doh Sparkle Compound
    • Make bright and shiny creations with Play-Doh Sparkle Compound
    • Includes 2 cutters to make your creations
    • Includes 2 cutters and 6 can of Play-Doh Sparkle Compound

Play-Doh Playful Pies Set – $6.02 (reg. $19.99)

    • Create playful pretend Play-Doh pies
    • Baking-themed accessory tools and trays
    • Includes 4 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound
    • Includes pie plate, fruit basket, 5 accessories, and 4 cans of PLAY-DOH Brand Modeling Compound

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Party – $6.95 (reg. $11.99)

    • Become a Play-Doh pizza chef with all the tools to make pretend pizzas
    • Pizza paddle has lots of half-molds to make favorite pretend toppings
    • Squeeze some make-believe mozzarella or silly spaghetti with the cheese grater
    • Comes with a box to deliver pretend pizza pies to friends and family
    • Includes pizza pan, half-mold paddle, pizza box, cheese grater, pizza server, rolling cutter, plastic knife, fork, plate, and 5 cans of Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound (10 ounces/280 grams total)
    • Become a Play-Doh pizza chef with all the tools to make pretend pizzas
    • Pizza paddle has lots of half-molds to make your favorite wacky toppings
    • Squeeze some make-believe mozzarella or silly spaghetti with the cheese grater
    • Comes with a box to deliver your masterpiece to your friends and family
    • Includes 5 Play-Doh colors

Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory Shape Making Machine with 2 Non-Toxic Play-Doh Colors – $4.94 (reg. $9.99)

    • SILLY PLAY-DOH SQUEEZE MACHINE – The basic Play-Doh Fun Factory toy is a classic and fun open-ended creative activity! Kids can squeeze 10 different shapes from this silly pressing machine, then squish, smoosh, roll, and mold their creations into anything they can imagine. Just load a Play-Doh color or two, pick a shape setting, and press the lever to create silly strings of fun
    • A CLASSIC CREATIVE TOY FOR ANY OCCASION – Looking to cut down on screen time or keep the kids busy with a fun boredom buster? Or maybe you need an inexpensive gift, small toy prize, or all-around fun arts and crafts activity? From birthdays to holidays to rainy days – whatever the occasion, this toy is sure to spark the imaginations of first-time users and Play-Doh pros alike
    • EASY, WHOLESOME FUN FOR KIDS AGES 3 AND UP – The Play-Doh Fun Factory machine doesn’t require any assembly or batteries, and Play-Doh compound is nice and soft for little hands to squish and shape. All of this makes it an easy activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and even big kids to unleash their awesome imaginations
    • INCLUDES 2 PLAY-DOH CANS AND SHAPE MAKERS – This basic set includes 2 non-toxic Play-Doh colors in reusable, recyclable 2-ounce cans, as well as 2 shape-making rails that change the shape of the Play-Doh colors in 10 different ways as they come out of the machine. It’s great for kids who love modeling clay and other shapeable squishy stuff
    • FLIPPIN’ LIDS FOR GENERATIONS – First invented in the 1970s, the classic Play-Doh Fun Factory still delights kids and their families to this day. Not only is it a great way to encourage less screen time and more hands-on activity, it’s also comes from the quality, trusted brand that’s inspired kids to explore their creativity since 1956
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