How Do You REALLY Get Home Depot Printable Coupons?

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Home Depot Printable Coupons

Reader Parker G. from Ohio asks the coupon girls:

Dear Coupon Girls,

I am desperate and was wondering if you can help me out. I am looking for a resource for printable coupons good at The Home Depot. I have tried “Googling” for them but all of the sites that come up in the search results don’t actually HAVE any Home Depot printable coupons. Do you have any resources up your magical coupon sleeves?



Dear Parker,

Thanks for your email into us, we love hearing from the couponing community and answering your questions! I am going to have to be brutally honest with you because I don’t have good news for you. The truth of the matter is…Home Depot does not have any printable coupons that you can find online.

The reason why your Google searches are comming up empty is because there are a lot of other websites that are trying to rank in Google on the keyword “Home Depot Printable Coupon” and they stuff their websites with “fluff” content but of course they never actually have any Home Depot printable coupons. However we here at HotCouponWorld are about being truthful and the honest to goodness truth is Home Depot just does not put out printable coupons, not the kind you are probably looking for which are coupons for like 10% off or $10 off $50 etc.

Home Depot does however offer printable coupons for specific garden products when you sign up for their Home Depot Garden Club. If you are a gardener then I do suggest that you go ahead and sign up for the garden club because they do send you coupons about once a month. I love gardening and many times I find these coupons to be pretty good. Some of the recent coupons I have gotten and used myself were BOGO rose plants, BOGO big bags of fall planting bulbs, coupons for potting soil, house plants, and mums.

They also sometimes have coupons for pesticides, herbicides, weed ‘n feed and that sort of thing, but because I try to not use chemicals on my lawn and garden these were not much of a use to me.

The printable coupons Home Depot emails you are one time use only and while you can theoretically print as many coupons as you want, once the coupon has been used, it won’t work another time. However I have found that it was worth signing up my husband for the newsletter too so he gets a coupon and I get a coupon for double the savings.

So that’s it….no other sources that I am aware of for Home Depot printable coupons.

That’s not to say that you cannot get coupons for The Home Depot. My husband used to work at Home Depot a few years ago and about twice a year his store would pass out a small stack of coupons as part of their friends and family events. So if you know someone who works there you might ask them, you can also check eBay as some of these employees sell their friends and family coupons on there.

However…be aware that there are fake Home Depot coupons on eBay too so do your homework well, research the seller, check their feedback, ask them questions before bidding. Also keep in mind that if a seller sends you Home Depot coupon that appears to be printed from a home computer be wary that the coupon may be fake, reproduced (copied) and more than likely will not scan at the register.

It is also important to note that it is against eBays coupon policy for you to buy a coupon (or pay a “handling fee”) that is delivered electronically. Meaning that they cannot send you a PDF, Word Document etc that has the coupon for you to print off yourself.

Home Depot also offers a 10% off coupon sent to you via snail mail when you move. Simply register at Again this is NOT a printable coupon, this is a coupon that they will send you via mail to your postal address, sometimes they send this coupons via email.

However when I moved 1.5 years ago I got my coupon in the mail. Keep in mind that Home Depot also accepts competitor coupons too so you should be able to use a Lowes or Ace Hardware coupon there as well.

Happy Shopping!



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