Applebee’s Restaurants: Dollar Margaritas Deal!

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Dollarita Dollar Margaritas Deal at Applebees

Applebee’s Restaurants: Dollar Margaritas Deal

It’s BACK!!  For a limited time at participating Applebee’s Restaurants, you can buy the Applebee’s Dollar Margaritas Deal.  Get their “Dollarita” all month long through 4/30/18!  See all the details from Applebee’s Restaurants below!

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Dollarita Dollar Margaritas Deal at Applebees


Since the DOLLARITA™ left us in October, it’s been just about the only thing we can think about. We’ve been counting DOLLARITA™ instead of sheep before bed. Seeing DOLLARITA™ in the stars when we look at the sky. And adding the suffix -ita to just about every object-erita we can find. So we’re bringing it back. America’s favorite $1 margarita is back. And it’s the DOLLARITA™.

The DOLLARITA™ is made from tequila and margarita mix.

Our $1 margarita is served cold in a frosty 10oz mug.

We recommend reaching out to your local Applebee’s® to confirm they’re serving $1 margaritas.

This promotion begins on April 1st, however, the timing of our Neighborhood Drink of the Month program varies state by state so be sure to check in with your local Applebee’s® to see when they plan on serving this cocktail.

Like our DOLLARMAMA™ and DOLLAR L.I.T.™, we treat this drink like any other alcoholic beverage we serve and follow responsible alcohol practices. Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

When celebrating with the Dollarita, Applebee’s reminds you to please drink responsibly.