Top 15 Best Advent Calendars (Fun Advent Calendars for Christmas)


Best Advent Calendars

We found the ⭐️ best advent calendars (on Amazon) for you to gift or use in your own home. ⭐️ Advent Calendars can be used for to count down to any event or holiday, but they are especially popular at Christmas time.

Each day from the holiday, you get a small prize (that could be a coin, a toy, a charm, or a piece of candy) that is hidden in the calendar.

There are many kinds of advent calendars available to buy or you can even make your own with pre-made kits (like this one) OR DIY from old Christmas cards (instructions HERE).

Some advent calendars can be used from year to year. Advent calendars tend to sell out as we get closer to Christmas, so make sure to buy one for each kid now or buy one for the whole family that can be used from year to year.


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