About HotCouponWorld

Welcome to HotCouponWorld, we are excited to have you here so that we can show you how to save big money using coupons!

Why HotCouponWorld?

HotCouponWorld is not just another deal blog, we are so much more! We are a COMMUNITY of like-minded savvy shoppers who are here with one sole purpose, to help each other out and save a ton of money all in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Founded in July of 2006 we started HotCouponWorld with the sole intent of creating an online place where we could hang out with all of our coupon buddies. A place where we could all share deals, trade coupons, talk about our lives and families, tell a joke, vent about our mother-in-laws and just have a really good time making friends with other people who “got us” and our weird hobby we call “couponing”!

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that this small idea of a simple forum to hang out with our coupon friends would turn into the site that HotCouponWorld has become, one of the largest couponing forums and communities on the net. With over 320,000 members and growing we are pleased that so many people have become members and more importantly, become friends!

Our Mission

HotCouponWorld has a goal to help our members save money. By providing a content-based community where people can learn from each other, we provide our members an outlet for sharing deals. We encourage our members to save money on everything they buy, and we also hope to empower members to reinvest their savings into themselves and their families.

We recognize that our members are at different stages of the savings process, but that everyone still has something to learn. By offering tools and strategies to keep people motivated, we hope our members will find ways to increase personal wealth and live a better life.

We welcome new members no matter what their skill level. We will always work to help new community members find answers and learn our favorite hobby. Lastly, we strive to achieve an active, lively community filled with trading, friendships, and fun.

Meet Heidi The Owner Of HotCouponWorld

Heidi & former owner Julie Parrish “met” online way back in 2003 and immediately clicked and became internet friends. After years of being administrators and super moderators on another coupon forum that the owners decided to sell, and Heidi & Julie said “hey let’s start our own forum”. And so it began, Coupon Girls (the parent company) was started and HotCouponWorld was born.

Julie has since moved on to another of her passions, politics, and is no longer an owner. You can find her representing her state of Oregon as she serves her state as a Oregon State House Representative. We are so proud of her!

HotCouponWorld Administrators

Sharon Reagan is our forum administrator and her job entails leading our moderator team, creating content, and monitoring posts on our forums and social media.

Mark Parish heads up all things tech here at HotCouponWorld. He is in charge of the day to day technical operations of running a large forum. Not only does he maintain our web servers, software updates, keeping our site secure and is also our go to guy to help with user specific tech issues to help make sure all members of the community can use our site to it’s fullest.