6 Ways To Save On Bread – Easy Tips & Ideas To Save A Lot Of Dough!

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6 Ways To Save On Bread {via HotCouponWorld.com}

6 Ways To Save On Bread {via HotCouponWorld.com}

In our household of 6 people bread is a hot commodity. If sandwiches, toast or French toast are on the menu we can go through an entire loaf of bread in one meal!

But there are ways to save on bread that are easy to implement in any household and can add up to a lot of dough saved on just this one grocery staple.

Here are my 6 tips on ways to save on bread…

1. Watch for sales & use coupons – obviously as a couponer I save money on bread by following the First Key To Couponing. Watch for sales and use a coupon. While coupons for bread are not as common as coupons for other food items they are out there. Brands that regularly have coupons are:

  • Sara Lee
  • Roman Meal
  • Aunt Millie’s
  • Schwebel’s
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • King’s Hawaiian
  • Nature’s Harvest

Almost all of those brands listed have coupons in the Sunday coupon inserts as well as printable coupons from time to time. Combine those coupons with a sale on bread (which is often on sale as a loss leader) and you can score a loaf of bread on the cheap. Our family mostly eats 100% whole wheat bread so my price is under $1 for a loaf. I will purchase white bread if I can get it under 50¢ a loaf and I use that bread for French toast.

Gluten-Free??? there are even coupons for Gluten-Free breads and baked goods too. Brands such as Udi’s, GlutenFree Bakehouse, Canyon Bakehouse, Schar and others have coupons for their Gluten-Free breads too!

2. Buy store brand – Many store brands have perfectly acceptable bread. In fact I think the 100% whole wheat bread sold at my local Smith’s store is better than most name brand breads. So when the store brand bread goes on sale I stock up!

3. Stockpile Bread – When you can get bread at a great price AND you have the space in your freezer go ahead and stockpile it. Obviously, it would be a waste of freezer space to buy 100 loaves of bread. But if you have room in the freezer for a couple extra loaves by all means!

My special tip for freezing bread….double wrap it in plastic (I use an old bread bag that I have saved) and place the bread in the middle of the freezer away from the sides. This helps prevent freezer burn. Thaw your frozen bread on the counter for about 1-2 hours. And you just saved a bunch of dough!

4. Watch the day-old bread discount sections – Most grocery stores have a rack or section of the store where they sell day old bakery items. You can find some great deals on bread here. I usually don’t find sliced sandwich type bread on the discount bread rack but I do find loaves of French bread, bagels, English muffins and other goodies.

5. Shop at a discount bread store – Many of the major bread companies have their own discount bread stores where they sell day-old bread. The breads are still perfectly fine and are often sold at about a 50% discount. Here are some of the bakery outlets that I am aware of. There may be others…if you know of more let us know in the comments!

6. Make your own bread – seriously baking your own bread is one of the best ways you can save money on bread. I am actually a pretty good bread baker. The problem lies in that when I, or anyone in my house, SMELLS homemade bread baking we are all practically salivating at the oven door with butter in hand the minute it comes out of the oven or bread machine. And in 2.5 seconds the hot from the oven bread is gone and I saved NO money at all. Because my family just has no reserve with the homemade bread I reserve my bread baking to special occasions or to making bread just for dinner, like a loaf of French bread or rolls which are baked just in time for us to eat them hot out of the oven with our meal.

If you have the will power, go ahead and make your own bread and you can save a lot of bread.

Do you have a clever way of saving on bread? We would love to hear it! 


  1. I used to pay a ridiculous price for Pepperidge Farm french dinner rolls but cringed and paid the price. Then, I could no longer find them and came up with the idea of buying a Publix baguette for $1.39 and cutting into about 6 pieces and storing in a ziploc in the fridge. We like this even better than the PF dinner rolls. The idea is even better when the baguettes are 99 cents on sale. If they are on sale and I have freezer space, I will buy 4, cut them up to serving size and freeze. Cheap dinner rolls!

  2. If you made bread more often the novelty might wear down. Ive been making homemade bread for over 2 yrs (as in I havent bought sandwich bread in that time) and now it is no big deal when bread comes out of the oven. Also my recipes usually make 2 loaves so I usually and have a loaf in the freezer. I also havent bought hamburger buns or dinner rolls in that time.
    Since I know not everyone bakes here they have closed some of the bread outlets but all of the local Goodwills sell the day old bread. Not the cheap stuff either they sell Nature’s Own and typically have rolls and buns including those thin sandwich rounds.


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