23 Fancy Nancy Books Under $3.99!

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Fancy Nancy BooksLast week we posted some great Pinkalicious books for under $3.00 and I heard from several readers that they were ordering some books for their little girls. I love that books are popular among our readers and folks were putting books in Easter baskets and giving books as gifts. Reading is one of the most important gifts you can give to a child I think. All 5 of my kids are avid readers as am I. In fact there is not a single room in my home that does not have a stack or basket of books in it.

My 8 year old daughter adores her Fancy Nancy books and so I went on a quest to find some great Fancy Nancy books all under $3.99 each! I hope you will enjoy!

Oh and hey! If you are thinking about adding a Fancy Nancy book to an Easter basket, be sure to check out #23 on this list…a perfect addition for Easter!

  1. Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  2. Fancy Nancy and the Late, Late, LATE Night$3.17
  3. Fancy Nancy and the Mean Girl$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  4. Fancy Nancy and the Sensational Babysitter$3.99
  5. Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  6. Fancy Nancy at the Museum$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  7. Fancy Nancy: Apples Galore (Pre-order)$2.71 (Kindle: $4.99)
  8. Fancy Nancy: Budding Ballerina (Pre-order)$3.99
  9. Fancy Nancy: Every Day Is Earth Day$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  10. Fancy Nancy: Fancy Day in Room 1-A$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  11. Fancy Nancy: Hair Dos and Hair Don’ts$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  12. Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart$2.83
  13. Fancy Nancy: My Family History$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  14. Fancy Nancy: Poison Ivy Expert$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  15. Fancy Nancy: Puppy Party (Pre-order)$2.34 (Kindle: $3.99
  16. Fancy Nancy: Spectacular Spectacles$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  17. Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  18. Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two$2.43
  19. Fancy Nancy: The 100th Day of School$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  20. Fancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  21. Fancy Nancy: The Show Must Go On$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  22. Fancy Nancy: Too Many Tutus$3.99 (Kindle: $3.79)
  23. Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter$3.97

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