200+ Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

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200 Frugal Easter Basket Ideas - Discover over 200 different items you can purchase or make to fill those Easter baskets without breaking the bank! Something for kids of all ages from babies to teens! | via HotCouponWorld.com

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is such a fun holiday, and every kid loves waking up to find a ⭐️ Easter basket filled with little treats and goodies. Filling Easter baskets does not have to be expensive, look for candy deals with coupons and sales (drug stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid usually have the best deals) and you can get many little inexpensive toys and games at the dollar stores.

Set a budget for each child so that you don’t break the bank and focus on personalizing each child’s Easter basket and gearing it towards your child’s interests and likes. In our family we don’t hunt Easter eggs, but each child gets a basket (or sand bucket, flower pot, beach bag or other fun container) with candy and other goodies. For our family we try to always include something that helps remind our children of the religious meaning of the holiday by including Christian books, music, t-shirts, etc.

This post was originally created in 2012 but has been dusted off and updated with a few more great Easter basket ideas from our readers as well as a few more that have come to me as my own children have grown and their interests have changed. 

Here is a list of 200+ ⭐️ Frugal Easter basket ideas:

For children of all ages, from babies, toddlers, small children to teens.

  1. Action figures
  2. Address book
  3. Admission passes to the zoo, water park, children’s museum, etc.
  4. Annie’s bunny crackers (so cute!)
  5. Apron
  6. Army men
  7. Baby Bib
  8. Baby blanket (use instead of Easter grass in the bottom of the basket!)
  9. Baby Bottle
  10. Baby leggings
  11. Backpack charm
  12. Barbie doll
  13. Barrel of Monkeys
  14. Baseball or Softball
  15. Baseball cards
  16. Bath beads
  17. Bath fizzes
  18. Bath puff
  19. Bath salts
  20. Bath soap
  21. Bath toys
  22. Bathing suit   
  23. Beach towel (use in large basket instead of Easter grass)
  24. Beach toys
  25. Beads and string for making own jewelry
  26. Beef Jerky
  27. Bento box (like this sweet little piggy or froggy)
  28. Bible
  29. Blocks
  30. Boo-boo bunnie
  31. Bookmark
  32. Books (my favorites: Pat the Bunny, Happy Easter Mouse!, Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales, The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story and The Easter Story for Children by Max Lucado)
  33. Bouncy balls
  34. Bracelets
  35. Bubble bath
  36. Bubbles
  37. Bug catching kit
  38. Bunny ears
  39. Bunny trinket box
  40. Candy (you can’t go wrong with jelly beans, Peeps and Whopper eggs if you ask me!)
  41. Card games (like Go Fish or Old Maid)
  42. Character Band-Aids
  43. Charger cable identification beads
  44. Chocolate Easter bunny
  45. Chopsticks
  46. Coin purse
  47. Coins (hidden inside plastic Easter eggs)
  48. Cologne
  49. Colored pencils
  50. Colorful dinner plate
  51. Colorful erasers
  52. Colorful socks
  53. Coloring Books
  54. Comb
  55. Comic book
  56. Compressed towels
  57. Cookie cutters (for play dough)
  58. Crayons
  59. Crazy straws
  60. Christian T-shirt
  61. Crocs
  62. Crossword Puzzles
  63. Cute shoelaces
  64. Daily devotionals
  65. Diary
  66. Disposable camera
  67. Dominoes 
  68. Dried fruit
  69. Duplo blocks
  70. DVDs
  71. Earbuds
  72. Earrings
  73. Easter pencils
  74. Easter pens
  75. Easter Weebles (Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!)
  76. Easy Bake oven mixes
  77. Electronic travel games
  78. Fairy wings
  79. Finger lights
  80. Finger paints
  81. Finger puppets
  82. Flash cards
  83. Flashlight
  84. Flip-flops
  85. Flower seeds
  86. Foam shapes or stickers
  87. Fridge magnet toys
  88. Frisbee
  89. Fruit snacks
  90. Fun socks
  91. Game cartridge or disk for gaming system
  92. Gardening tools
  93. Gift cards
  94. Goldfish crackers
  95. Granola bars
  96. Gum
  97. Hair accessories
  98. Handheld game
  99. Harmonica
  100. Hat
  101. Headphones
  102. Homemade cookies
  103. Homemade coupons (with coupons for things like “choose what’s for dinner, one free ice cream cone, etc.)
  104. iPod case
  105. Jacks
  106. Jewelry
  107. Journal
  108. Jump rope
  109. Kaleidoscope
  110. Kazoo
  111. Key-chain
  112. Kids gardening gloves
  113. Kids watch
  114. Kite
  115. Legos
  116. Lip balm
  117. Lip gloss
  118. Little piggy bank
  119. Lotion
  120. Mad libs
  121. Magazine
  122. Maracas
  123. Marbles
  124. Markers
  125. Microwave popcorn
  126. Mini Etch-A-Sketch
  127. Mini hairbrush
  128. Mini journal
  129. Mini tea set
  130. Mints
  131. Modeling clay
  132. Mouse pad
  133. Music CD’s (such as Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics for babies)
  134. My Little Pony
  135. Nail grooming kit
  136. Nail polish
  137. Nail stickers
  138. Neck tie
  139. Necklace
  140. Nightlight
  141. Noise putty
  142. Notebook
  143. Onesie
  144. Pacifier clip
  145. Pacifiers
  146. Patterned duct tape 
  147. Pencil pouch
  148. Perfume
  149. Personalized bike license plate
  150. Personalized stationary
  151. PEZ dispensers
  152. Pinwheel
  153. Play dough
  154. Play food
  155. Play money
  156. Playing cards
  157. Pocket pack tissues
  158. Post it notes
  159. Poster paint
  160. Prayer book
  161. Puzzles
  162. Rattles
  163. Reading light
  164. Rice Krispie treats or Popcorn balls 
  165. Rings
  166. Rubber ducky
  167. Rubber stamps & ink
  168. Rubix cube
  169. Sandals
  170. Sandbox toys
  171. Sidewalk chalk
  172. Sidewalk paint
  173. Silly Bandz
  174. Silly String
  175. Silly putty
  176. Sippy cup
  177. Slinky
  178. Small collapsible umbrella
  179. Small game
  180. Small picture frame
  181. Small purse
  182. Small stuffed animal (like this Lovey Lamb)
  183. Soduko Puzzles
  184. Soft baby spoons
  185. Spring Pajamas
  186. Spring scarf
  187. Squirt guns
  188. Stickers
  189. Stuffed animal
  190. Sudoku puzzles
  191. Sunglasses
  192. Sunscreen
  193. Suspenders
  194. Swim goggles
  195. Swiss army knife
  196. Teething ring
  197. Temporary tattoos
  198. Thomas the Train engines
  199. Tiara
  200. Tickets to a movie or other event
  201. Toothbrush
  202. Toy cars
  203. Toy watering can
  204. Travel sized toiletries 
  205. Troll doll
  206. Vegetable seeds
  207. Wall decals
  208. Wallet
  209. Washi tape
  210. Water balloons
  211. Water bottle
  212. Watercolors
  213. Wii controllers
  214. Wind-up toys
  215. Word searches
  216. X-Box Live membership card
  217. Yo-yo
  218. Zipper charms

What do you put in your child’s Easter basket?


  1. You listed goldfish crackers (83). Here’s a cute way to package them up like carrots: http://www.loraleelewis.com/blog/?p=4587

    The boo-boo bunnie (26) can also be done up like a chick.

    I love going to the international markets and getting unusual candy/cookies/snacks for baskets. The Easter Bunny travels internationally after all. The Asian market, in particular, has some fun shaped or flavored cookies/crackers sold in little boxes.

  2. In an effort to keep my kids healthy (they get plenty of candy from everwwhere else,) I try to fill their baskets with “active” toys. Jump ropes, balls, I have put silly string in so I could watch them chase each other with the cans. My favorite thing to put in their baskets is home made coupons. They will say something like “Go outside to play intstead of cleaning my room. Good for 1 use.” or ‘I get to choose supper. Must be presented to mom in the morning or day before chosen meal to ensure menu. Good for 1 use.” Of course there is always 1 for free hugs and kisses!

  3. Toddler:
    My son is 22 months old and I have in his Easter basket
    a toy wound up chic
    toy car
    play water pail
    stamp car set
    marshmallow soccer sucker
    big can of bubbles

    I left it in his rocking chair for him to find in the morning. Happy Easter!

  4. Heidi,

    Fantastic list of ideas.
    This is so helpful since I sometimes stand in the store looking at all the stuff and can now prepare a list of ideas that I wound not have normally thought of.
    I thought cookie-cutters for Play-Doh was a great idea; clicked on Play-Doh in your list and found your great blog on making your own homemade Play-Doh recipe https://www.hotcouponworld.com/the-best-homemade-play-dough-recipe/
    I will be trying this recipe when the kids come to visit for sure.


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