20 Uses For Baby Wipe Boxes!

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20 Uses For Baby Wipe Boxes (via HotCouponWorld.com)

Hey everyone! We back with another great Thrifty Tuesday tip! This time we are talking about recycling and reusing something you may (if you have a baby or toddler) laying around your home. And that my dear friends is the baby wipes container. These handy-dandy boxes have a ton of great uses to repurpose them instead of tossing them in the trash.

Here are some ideas to reuse those baby wipe containers and turn them into something nifty!

1. Toy Storage – Use baby wipe container to store Legos, crayons, Hot Wheels, Polly Pockets and other small toys. Peel off the label and use a Sharpie marker to make a label. The containers are now portable and can easily be transported in the car or while traveling too.

2. Hair Accessories – Stash your little girls hair ties, bows and barettes in an empty box and store in the bathroom. I like to also keep a mini purse-sized brush in there.

3. Fabric Softener Sheets – Did you know that the size of most baby wipe containers are just right for storing your fabric softener sheets. The flimsy cardboard boxes fabric softener sheets come in are not exactly sturdy, nor are they air tight. Your fabric softener sheets will smell better longer if you store them in a air tight container.

4. Organize your plastic cutlery – if you have a lot of BBQ’s and picnics you may have some plastic cutlery that you need to store. Again, the plastic boxes these come in are often flimsy. Put your plastic spoons, knives and forks each in their own baby wipe container and label. Now your cutlery is nicely organized, the containers stack well in the pantry and they are easily portable when you are going on a picnic at the lake or camping.

5. Recipe Card Storage – If you use index cards or recipes to write down your tried & true recipes a baby wipe box makes a nifty box for storing your cards in. Pretty up the box with some contact paper so it can sit on your kitchen counter.

6. First Aid Kit – Make a portable first aid kit from an empty wipes container. Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, gauze pads, first aid creme and maybe some Tylenol and you have a mini first aid kit. Stash one in the car for emergencies. I have one I keep under the seat. Never know when you will need a Band-Aid!

7. Sewing Kit – Have everything you need for quick mending or sewing on a stray button by creating a little sewing kit. Stash some thread in basic colors such as black, white, navy, brown, ivory, red, green, and tan. Needles, pins, and a cloth measuring tape and you should be good to go.

8. Grocery Bags – They work perfectly for storing your empty plastic grocery bags. You can pull out a new bag easily. And if your drawers are deep enough you can easily stash the container in a kitchen or bathroom drawer.

9. Yarn – If you knit or crochet slip your ball of yarn or crochet thread into the container, thread the loose end up through the hole where you would have pulled the wipes out and you are in business. This keeps your yarn clean, knot free and your cats from swatting your ball of yarn across the room.

10. Valentine’s Day Box – If your kiddo needs a box to take to school for their Valentine’s Day party. Repurpose a wipes box by cutting a slit in the top with an Exacto knife and decorating the box with some stickers and markers. Easy!

11. Snack Boxes – Pack a baby wipe box for each kid for long road trips. Some great snack ideas – grapes, raisins, Goldfish crackers, Granola bars, fruit snacks, juice boxes. It just makes travel easier!

11. Craft Supply Storage – Yep, those empty baby wipe boxes are handy for storing your craft supplies. Thread, paint, markers, ribbon, if it fits inside a box you have handy dandy storage!

12. Indoor Planters – Simply remove the lid and drill a couple of drainage holes in the bottom and now you have a nice rectangular container perfect for growing some indoor plants. They sit nicely on most windowsills and are perfect for herb plants in the kitchen!

13. Game Storage – You know your game closet is a hot mess right now. Corral up any small games and game cards (Uno, Skip Box, Phase 10, etc) and store the cards in empty wipe boxes. If you still have the original boxes the cards came in you can just cut out the front panel and tape it to the side of the box for a label.

14. Screws & Nails – If your garage is looking like a hot mess with screws, nails, bolts and other “hardware” tossed here and there. Get organized by sorting those do-dads into containers and giving them a label.

15. Sidewalk Chalk – Store it in a baby wipe container. That way if the kids leave it the container outside the chalk won’t get soggy if it rains or the sprinklers come on.

16. Hide The Girly Stuff In The Bathroom – Decorate your empty wipes box with some pretty contact paper and stash your pads, pantiliners and tampons in there (maybe a bar of chocolate too!). It just makes something that is a bit embarrassing for some women a little more discreet.

17. Traveling Art Supplies – Take a travel sized baby wipes container and toss in some crayons, colored pencils or markers and a small pad of paper. Then when the kids are whining from the backseat “are we there yet?” you can patiently tell them “no” and whip out these traveling art supplies and they can color. Also nice to keep in your purse or diaper bag to keep them busy at restaurants.

18. Homemade Baby Wipes – If you want to go with making your own and saving even MORE money. Make your own baby wipes and store them in an empty wipes container. We have a recipe for that here – Make Your Own Homemade Baby Wipes.

19. Keep Baby Entertained – Babies don’t need fancy toys with all the bells and whistles. Instead keep them entertained with an empty wipes box. Fill it with small toys, blocks, fabric squared (even wash cloths work in a pinch) and let them entertain themselves by putting things in, or taking things out. That should keep them busy long enough for you to pee in peace.

20. Coupon Organization – Of course, being a coupon site it would not go without me saying that an empty baby wipes container makes a great organization box for coupons. Many folks here at HCW use them for organizing their “carry to store” coupons. That is the coupons they are planning on using at the grocery store this week. While they store their other coupons in a coupon binder or box. Click here if you want to learn more about organizing your coupons.

Share YOUR tips and ideas for reusing those empty butt wipe (that is what we call them) boxes and containers!