10 Adorable Tooth Fairy Ideas – Keep The Magic Alive!

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10 Adorable Tooth Fairy Ideas

Tooth Fairy Ideas

Currently of my 5 kids, 3 are in the loosing teeth stage. About once a month someone looses a new tooth so the Tooth Fairy visits our home on a regular basis.

Basically these kids look like Jack-O-Lanterns…but that’s OK I love that look on kids, precious snaggle-toothy grins!

Yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter Carly lost another tooth but the Tooth Fairy  forgot to come and put her dollar under the pillow so I was looking for some fun ideas to make up for the missed Tooth Fairy visit. Something to make it special since the Tooth Fairy was going to be a bit late.

So here are some really clever ideas I found and some I am actually going to start working on soon, like the Tooth Fairy pouches, but tonight the Tooth Fairy is going to leave a bit of fairy dust on the dollar she leaves under the pillow…

Fairy Dust On Dollar

Fairy Dust on a Dollar by Ten Kids and a Dog

Tooth Fairy Letters

Personalized Tooth Fairy letters by ToothFairyLetters.net

Tooth Tins

Tooth tins from old mint tins (love this idea!) – from Emily Giovani

Tooth Fairy Certificates

Tooth Fairy certificates from House 8810

Tooth Fairy Bags

Tooth Fairy bags from The Purl Bee

Tooth Fairy Door

Tooth Fairy Door by Embellishing Life Everyday

Tooth Fairy Bottle

Tooth Fairy Bottle from Elephant Tales (Etsy)

Tooth Fairy Printables

Free Tooth Fairy printables from How Does She

Tooth Fairy Oragami

Tooth Fairy origami from Filth Wizardry

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Pillow craft from Martha Stewart

What traditions and fun things do you and your family do to celebrate the loss of a tooth? And the big question…how much does the tooth fairy bring for a lost tooth?


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