Tanga: 2-Pack 26 Oz. EcoCanteen Aluminum Water Bottles – Only $5.99!

2-Pack EcoCanteen Aluminum Water Bottles - 26oz BPA Free


Check out this sweet deal! Right now you can get a 2-pack of these EcoCanteen Aluminum Water Bottles for only $5.99. Each canteen holds 26 oz. of water and is BPA free! Shipping for me was only $3.99! Everywhere else I am looking online sells these for over twenty bucks! What a deal!

Product Description:

Everyone is turning to reusable, high-quality, chemical-free water bottles these days to try to help save the environment and their pocketbook. Our 26-ounce, aluminium bottles will help you do just that!

Our bottles are made from a single piece of aluminum so you never have to worry about leaks. They are completely leach free, so no harmful chemicals will get into your water or your body. They are 100% recyclable in case you need a few cents to buy some chewing gum at some point in the future. And they have a screw-top loop lid and include a carabineer.

Go buy a simple water filter at Target and a pair of these puppies and you will never have to spend money on bottled water again. Tanga, and Mother Earth, will thank you!


  • Holds 26 ounces
  • Made from a single piece of aluminum – no leaks
  • Completely leach free – no harmful chemicals transfer into your drink
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Screw-top loop lid
  • Carabineer included

Warranty: 30 Days

Condition: New

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