From now until July 6, 2014 at the Hasbro Toy Shop, shipping is FREE on most Summer Heroes toys and games when you use the code SUMMER at checkout! Included are TRANSFORMERS, SPIDER-MAN, Guardians of the Galaxy, & Captain America!

Just go HERE and click the Marvel banner at the top of the page to get started. Don’t forget to use the code SUMMER when you checkout so you’ll get the free shipping.

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Check it out! Batman Mega Bundle is only $22.50! You save $67.50 (75%) off the list price of $90 (I checked Steam, and it really is $90 if you get it directly through them).

Batman Mega Bundle includes the following:
Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
Batman Arkham City GOTY
Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass
Batman: Arkham Origins

System Requirements:
Supported OS: Windows

NOTE: Steam account required for game activation and installation

Get it HERE.

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(Note- Amazon prices are subject to change unexpectedly. Check the price before you click to buy).

Another great stocking stuffer! Grab this Star Wars Galactic Carry Kit – Anakin for Nintendo DS for only $7.99 + it’s eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping or free shipping with Prime.

Vibrant artwork from Star Wars: The Clone Wars highlights the molded EVA zip case. Ergonomic contoured design makes this your lightweight travel solution for all of your Nintendo DS Lite needs. Convenience and functionality are marked by numerous mesh pockets, elastic stylus bands, and a center partition which doubles as storage for up to 24 game cards. Coordinating bonus Nintendo DS Lite accessories include a system wrap, cleaning cloth and replacement stylus.


(Note- Amazon prices are subject to change unexpectedly. Check the price before you click to buy).

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates Matching Game

Here is great deal on a fun game for the younger kids! Jake and the Never Land Pirates matching game now only $5.98 at Amazon!

[pullquote align=”right”]

List Price$9.99
Price: $5.98 Plus free shipping with Amazon Prime
You Save: $4.10 (41%)
[/pullquote]Product Description

[quote style=”1″]Go in the hunt for matches in this classic game, now featuring Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Flip over tiles to discover golden doubloons, treasure maps, and all your favorite Never Land adventures, from Jake and Cubby to Captain Hook and Smee. Pick up the most pairs to win. Yo ho, let’s go.[/quote]

[note color=”#FFCC00″]Prices at Amazon often change quickly without notice, please double check the price of the item you are purchasing before checking out.[/note]

Thanks Melissa’s Bargain Blog!

Red Wrecker

Red Wrecker

Today’s free Android app of the they day from is Red Wrecker.

Product Description

Exterminate the Red Shapes

The object of the brain-busting game of Red Wrecker seems simple enough: knock the red shapes off the screen, but keep the green shapes in the game. As you dive deeper into this game, though, you’ll have to take cold, hard logic and relentless physics into account as you rid the screen of those pesky red shapes.

Inspired by the classic game Red Remover, Red Wrecker challenges your brain and tests your reflexes. On each level, you’re presented with a haphazardly stacked set of red, green, and blue shapes. You tap the blue shapes to make them drop from their position. The blue shapes can either make the red shapes drop from the screen or prevent the green shapes from dropping away.

Test Your Brain and Fingers

The first few levels of Red Wrecker are pretty easy. That’s because those opening levels are merely a tutorial to get you used to the game’s premise and physics. Once you’re on your own, you’ll face increasingly more fiendish puzzlers that will test your logic skills and hand-eye coordination.

Get Wrecking

Enjoy and be infuriated by the fun and challenging levels. New levels are added all the time. The high-resolution graphics are specially designed for tablet devices. Red Wrecker is integrated with OpenFeint, so you can earn achievements and post your wrecking skills on the global leaderboards.

  • List Price: $0.99
  • Price: $0.00
  • You Save: $0.99 (100%)

Casino Blackjack Pro

Casino Blackjack Pro

Today’s free Android app of the they day from is Casino Blackjack Pro!

Product Description

The casino comes to you with the Casino Blackjack Pro app for Android. Whether you are a casual gambler or hard-core card counter, Casino Blackjack Pro is sure to fit the bill. With four unique game modes, customizable settings, intuitive design, and touch-screen controls, you can get your blackjack fix anytime, anywhere. Are you feeling lucky?

Hit, Stay, Double Down, or Split?

The game follows standard casino rules for blackjack. Pick your bet and once the cards are dealt, you can choose ‘Hit’ to receive another card, ‘Stay’ to face the dealer’s card, and also ‘Double’ or ‘Split’ when available. You can also Surrender your hand at the beginning of the deal if you choose to fold and only lose half of your bet. Are you a risk taker who hits at 17 or will you play it safe and stay?

Four Exciting Game Modes

Casino Blackjack Pro features multiple game modes to keep both novice and expert players engaged. Regular Mode is a standard blackjack simulator that provides a range of great features, such as rule customization, Expected Value (EV) calculation for every play, and a number of card-counting systems.

Cheat Mode stacks the deck in your favor, making it harder to bust. Sim Mode is a practice tool that allows you play out various scenarios you may face in a live game. In X-Ray Mode you have the option of peeking at the dealer’s hole card. This makes it a lot easier to pile up those chips!

Card Counting Systems and Custom Settings

For those that want to take down ‘The House,’ Casino Blackjack Pro offers five card counting systems: Hi-Lo, KO, Omega II, Wizard Ace/Five, and Zen Count. You can also create or input your own card counting system and enter a value for each card in a suit. The app lets you customize a variety of other settings, such as the number of decks used, when to shuffle the cards, whether the dealer hits a ‘soft 17,’ and if the expected value is shown.

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Shopper's Paradise HD

Today’s free Android app of the they day from is Shopper’s Paradise HD.

Product Description

Tycoon 101

Become a retail tycoon and outsmart your competition before the last customer leaves town. In Shopper’s Paradise HD, it’s up to you to build a retail empire that will rule the business world.

Empire Builder

Build or buy stores, movie theaters, hotels, and warehouses. Hire and manage employees, and get the best locations. Keep tabs on specific employees such as cashiers, clerks, and managers. Schedule sales to get more customers in the doors. Watch your town grow as you grow a variety of businesses.

Homeland Security

Make sure you don’t suffer from “inventory shrinkage” from thieves. Hire police officers to keep your complex safe. Maintain your properties and catch shoplifters that cut into your profits.

Shopper’s Paradise HD features a variety of maps such as Easyville, Pharmacity, and Snake Road, among other scenic locales. Play at three different levels of difficulty. Can you build that Shopper’s Paradise that every retail maven dreams about?


  • List Price: $2.99
  • Price: $0.00
  • You Save: $2.99 (100%)