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01-02-2008, 05:53:52 AM
I love doing little crafty things, mostly cross stitch, but also needlepoint using plastic canvas and also making tree ornaments from the sequin and pin kits, but with my crazy kids, it usually takes a back seat. Not anymore!!

LOL I always say this, after the frenzied pace that I put myself in to make homemade ornaments for Christmas gifts every year, but hopefully this will be the year that I can keep it up. I think posting here will be a good push to keep me motivated.

2008 is the year that Lesley gets back into crafting. Even if it's only for 15 - 30 minutes per day, I plan on doing something!

Last night I did 2 quicky star tree ornaments from plastic canvas. (I'll load pics later)

and this morning I received an email from a cross stitch company with a cute little freebie chart (love those freebies! lol) that I'm going to work on today.

Check back today for my progress and to see my ornaments!

Anyone that wants to join me on a crafting adventure in 2008, come on and lets get busy!

01-02-2008, 06:22:13 AM
I would love to start cross-stiching again.I did alot when my first dd was born.Birth anouncement,pictures,ornamints.Maybe I will dig my books out of the closet an make each of my children an ornamint for next year.Can't wait to see pictures of your star ornamints.

01-02-2008, 06:28:14 AM
I have a crocheted afghan that has been in the works for longer than I care to admit. I want to finish it by the expected recipient's birthday in July. I need to figure out how many more rows I have to go so I can figure out how many rows I have to finish per week to get it done. I also need to move the project over to a spot near the laptop so that instead of picking up the laptop to read HCW, I will pick up the afghan and work on it. :-)

01-02-2008, 08:46:37 AM
The 2 onaments from last night:


Right now I've got 7 of these made. There's 6 different variations using red, green and white!! I can't decide which ones I like best, so I just alternate!!

01-02-2008, 09:40:20 AM
I would love to join in. My cross stitch has been collecting dust. I have 20 works in progress that were not touched at all in 2007. I also got a sewing machine for Christmas so I need to learn how to use it.

Your ornaments are very nice.


01-02-2008, 09:56:46 AM
I need to finish a couple of knitting projects that have been sitting around for a shamefully long time. I spent way too much on the wool for them to go unfinished.

01-02-2008, 03:21:50 PM
I got about 20 minutes in today :BigHand:


DS#2 was bouncing off the walls this afternoon with no chance of napping, so I loaded him up in the car a little early to go pick up big bro at school and he fell asleep on the way there, giving me 20 minutes of stitching as we waited in the parking lot.

The top and left hand border are done, (it's only going to be about 3 3/4 inch square)

01-03-2008, 09:27:40 PM
only about 10 minutes today, while I waited at the school again.

The border is just about finished.

01-03-2008, 09:58:42 PM
I can't say that I will join you in your crafting adventure, I would be happy to lend support. While I love to craft, I just don't find the time to do anything that takes more than a few hours.

I do knit a lot of hats though as I can whip them out in a few hours while watching TV or something.

Gone are the days of big crossstich patterns. In fact my craft supplies need to be weeded out.

I did do a cross stitch for my MIL for Christmas of a nativity that said Star of wonder star of light and used these cute buttons as the figures in the nativity. The stitching went really fast (one evening) but man was it expensive to do! $50+ for the canvas, threads, and buttons ($20 for the buttons alone). But because our Walmart has done away with all of thier cross stitch stuff I shopped at a local downtown store and got the stuff to make it and I guess that is why it was so expensive. Sad thing is I have enough thread leftover from it (and it was not DMC but expensive fancy schmancy thread) to make 3-4 more of that pattern.

I would just need to buy the canvas and the buttons.

01-03-2008, 10:07:16 PM
Will you be making any hand towels? *big cheesy grin* ((hugs)) -- just messin' with ya!

Just peeping in to show my support. I love getting crafty gifts, and I am so NOT crafty, so I think what you're doing is awesome!

01-04-2008, 12:51:39 AM
I love cross-stitching and havent done it in a good 2 yrs. I gave up when my sister put the calendar I had cross-stitched for my nephew in the closet, mind you she did this in front of me, and I found it still in there 6 months later. Figured what was the point. Dang it, it was a really nice calendar.
I still have all my floss (4 boxes) and most of my patterns. Need to go get some material.
You know I have always loved doing latch hook rugs, silly I know but you see results pretty quickly. Id give anything to learn how to crochet and knit.

01-04-2008, 04:48:13 AM
I also have cross stitch ornament kits I keep meaning to work on. I think I will set a goal of one ornament a month until christmas. I think its a reasonable goal and I will join you in your 2008 Crafting adventure! lol thanks for the inspiration.

01-04-2008, 05:15:59 AM
I love cross-stitching and havent done it in a good 2 yrs. I gave up when my sister put the calendar I had cross-stitched for my nephew in the closet, mind you she did this in front of me, and I found it still in there 6 months later. Figured what was the point. Dang it, it was a really nice calendar.

I hear ya on that one. I worked my fingers to the bone to quickly do a western theme wedding announcement piece for some friends of ours. I was so close to finishing it one night when they stopped by the house. LOL You should have seen me scrambling to hide it when I realized they were out in our driveway, so they wouldn't see it.

It came out so nice and was happy about it, until I went to get it framed. $75 freaking dollars. But they too loved it and they loved that so much of me went into it, so that made me feel better. What sucked was when they got divorced after a year or so. I have no idea what happened to it and I'm not sure that I even want to know, though I would have loved to get that darn frame back. :wink7:

That was the last wedding piece that I've ever done! someday I might even get around to doing one for me and dh. lol

I think my most appreciated one that I ever did was the picture of the Iwo Jima memorial. That was a pain because it was a hard chart to read and the majority of it was 4 or 5 shades of green that were really close in color. I presented it to dh's Marine Corps League at their birthday ball one year and got tons of compliments on it. It now hangs on the wall of the Vets Club and it still gets tons of compliments when people realize that it's a cross stitched piece and not an actual photograph. The only bad part about that is that on the wording stitched under the memorial I was one square off so there's a little extra space between one of the lines and when I look at it, that mistake SCREAMS to me. Granted it still took 3rd place at the county fair I entered it in.

01-04-2008, 10:42:39 AM
Can totally relate on the "many shades of green" I had it with blue for a baby gift a co-worker asked me to cross-stitich. It turned out really good I must say but I always make at least one mistake on my projects and I can point it out like that *snapping fingers* where as no one else can tell.

I bet that Iwo Jima picture is amazing. And congrats on getting 3rd place at the county fair.

01-04-2008, 01:51:14 PM
There's a culture where they purposely make a little make a little change to the pattern (a.k.a. small mistake), so that even if someone makes multiples of the same item, each one is unique. I like that idea - because truly every thing I make is unique :wink7:

01-04-2008, 06:21:43 PM
the border is complete. no pics, because it's out in the car and it's really cold outside!! I met dh for lunch today and stitched while I waited for him and then there was a long line at the drive up window at the bank.

01-07-2008, 08:08:22 AM
No progress to report for Saturday, but I made some yesterday. In the word Celebrate, C e l e b r done. I should at the very least finish the rest of the word today and work on some squigglys. Check back later for my progress report!!

And I've recently discovered that my Walmart no longer carries DMC floss anymore. That kinda ticks me off a little, since the closest place now that sells it is a LNS (local needlework store, in cross stitch jargon) and mucho money there.

01-07-2008, 11:25:07 AM
ok-- I will join you -- I have a cross-stitch that I bought and need to do for my sister's wedding march 1st. First, I need to finid it LOL. I also need to work on hairbows for dd. I have around $100 of ribbon and supplies and I need to do something with them. It just seems that it takes 20 minuites to take everything out and then I only have about 10 minutes to work before nap time is over (after doing other stuff around the house). I would love to put aside one evening a week to bows. I know I would be much happier if I worked on crafts. It's great for my mind.

01-12-2008, 07:56:20 PM
I just realized I hadn't checked in all week, but I've only missed working on my cross stitch piece 2 days this week. I'm working on the pink in the heart now and then a little yellow and my first cross stitch piece of the year will be finished. Should be done by Tuesday, I think. DH being home on the weekend, throws my plans off a little bit, and I've got a party to go to with my mom tomorrow night if the Nor'Easter holds off..

01-17-2008, 06:21:31 AM
I also have cross stitch ornament kits I keep meaning to work on. I think I will set a goal of one ornament a month until christmas. I think its a reasonable goal and I will join you in your 2008 Crafting adventure! lol thanks for the inspiration.
ok, this weekend I am working on a project. I don't "have" to be anywhere and need to chill out so I will work on a cross stitchig project for my gf. It is one of those kits where everything is included in the box. I have it halfway done and by Sunday night I hope to have it done to give her on Monday at work. That is my goal.

01-31-2008, 04:59:43 AM
ok, I am proud to say I actually worked on a cross stitch kit on Tuesday. I am just working on the outlining and will be done soon. I always think of working on these as my "therapy".

05-16-2008, 12:13:25 AM
Bumpity Bump.

I am desperate to get back into sewing. My fabric is piling up. That and beading/hair ribbons. I have more beads and ribbon than I can use in a lifetime!

12-02-2008, 12:18:30 PM
Making any progress Lesley?

I, um, didn't make my July deadline so Christmas it is.... I hope.

12-06-2008, 06:52:28 PM
LOL - yeah, so good intentions and all that, you know how it goes.

No surprise that December is here and I'm still not done with all that I wanted to have made, but I have enough done so far that I'm not stressing over them. Yet. lol

12-22-2008, 05:12:23 PM
Just a thought, I have a lot of crochet projects I am working on and I decided that to keep my interest I would do 2 things. The first was to make my project a reward. If I got all my chores done I could sit down and work on it while watching tv before bedtime. A condition of this was alternating between projects and coupon clipping. Now I am anxious to get things done so I can work on the project to see how it will look finished. I guess you could say it's the same mindset as waiting to open packages at Christmas, I get excited when I have the time. The 2nd was to make it a condition of an occasion. If I don't get this finished my dd won't have anything for her birthday, etc. I tried to have 1 homemade project for each family member's birthday, Christmas, etc. I came up with the idea at the beginning of the year, then lost my job in March so then it became a necessity for gifts. I have been able to come up with a little money to buy 1 gift but if I want to have more I have to make them. I try to pick usable projects like hats, scarves, afghans and I may attempt bigger projects like sweaters and such. I now have a waiting list of items requested by various people for the gifts they would like, lol. Plus, I am trying to go green with my projects by saving the scraps and making scrap afghans, etc. Plus, I have set my mind that if we need/want another blanket or whatever I have to make it. I had purchased a sewing machine before I lost my job so I will be attempting to sew clothes for granddaughter and make the bed quilt I wanted but couldn't find anywhere. I am so proud of my completed projects and so is my family.

02-21-2009, 02:42:23 PM
How's the crafting going, Lesley? Have any more pic's of thing's you've made?