View Full Version : Let me extol the virtues of cash reward cards...

09-20-2007, 09:38:42 AM
DH and I began putting all our purchases on our Discover card back in May or June to take advantage of the cashback program...the 5% on gas has been especially helpful. It has worked out well for us, as I can more easily track our expenses and I pay the card off 2-3 times per month to avoid interest. Since then we have racked up enough "cash back" to redeem for a $50 Nike gc to get DH some new shoes. That's quite nice if you ask me...$50 just for using a specific card for a few months. I'm sure me paying the card off 3x per month isn't quite what Discover had in mind, but too bad :biggrin:.

09-20-2007, 04:39:51 PM
Aren't you glad you do not have to do any yard sales, sign up for online offers and click-throughs to earn your GC? Just do what you've done monthly anyway..:smile:

09-20-2007, 06:04:29 PM

Hubby uses ours as a fuel card for our semi. Good and bad at the same time. Ever fill one of those up a few times a week? OUCH!!! The cashback bonus paid for our daughter's wedding dress last year and our campground fees this summer. I always pay off each month and have no interest charges. I'm sure the Discover card people just luv us.

Oh and always sign up for the different promo's they sometimes have. Like back to school stuff or home stuff or once it was dental work etc. They give you a 5% bonus not just the 1%. I learned the hard way and missed one I could have used so now I just sign up with each new offer.

09-21-2007, 12:31:26 PM
Oh, I'm a reward card junkie. We have 2 Discover Cards, one for 5% gas rewards, one for the promos. Then I have a Citi Drivers Edge for 3% grocery and drugstore (used to be 5%), then I have a Home Depot Rewards MC that I only use at HD since we've been finishing our basement and got new appliances. I got a $25 GC plus 5% for buying the appliances, then when they had a 10% rewards weekend I bought $800 in GCs to use for my brother's wedding and future purchases. We also have a Chase Amazon and a Circuit City. Several people have told me that's too much, it lowers our credit score, but one month ago DH and I found it that mine was 798 and his was 802, so I guess it isn't doing too much damage since we use and PIF.