View Full Version : laser printer cartridges

05-01-2012, 12:53:01 AM
What brand of laser cartridges (not inkjet) are the cheapest?

05-30-2012, 04:05:22 PM
i get all mine at inkjetsuperstore . com (no spaces; they sell everything, for everything printer related, not just ink jet printer stuff) their stuff is crazy cheapest, and free shipping etc. 1st time customer deals, etc. we're on our 3rd laser printer & have used 'em forever, they rock.

BUT!! i used to have a brother laser printer, and 10 seconds later it would say i was out of toner.... after replacing it 3 times (about every 6-9 mos), i finally watched the youtube guy about what a scam that is, and did his lil electrical tape trick ;) and it went 2 more years; woulda went longer, but i read something else somewhere else online that gave me a "good" idea about "cleaning" the funny little black powdery tube thing & whew!! daily steals was running a deal on a wireless laser printer, whew!!!!!.... so yup!! don't do that!! just stick with the electrical tape don't even think about cleaning any grubby printer parts & you'll be set for years!!!