View Full Version : Albertsons (NorthWest) ~ Vent Signage and freebies

02-23-2012, 01:28:04 AM
I shop at two different Albertsons. Time and again I will buy something only to have them tell me I get something for free. But most of the time I never get the free stuff because I am either in a hurry and can't go back to get it. Or I don't need it. This last week it was Dole baby spinach. I bought one and was told I could get a free one. I declined because we can't eat that much. But then I thought... I could just take the free one and then maybe give it away to someone at the dance studio. But it was too late because the checker had already put something in the register to show that I declined it.

Why don't they put signs up to show that you get a free product? It's really annoying! If I knew about it, I would get it at the time! As for the spinach there was no sign or SEM whatsoever. I had no clue what the price was.

And why don't they just lower the price? Most of the time I don't even need the extra thing. And often it is for something we don't even eat or drink.