View Full Version : Albertsons (NorthWest) ~ Weekly Ad 12/21/2011 - 12/27/2011

12-21-2011, 09:42:10 AM
Hey guys, I hate to disappoint this week, I really AM trying to be a better mod. However I did not get an ad for Albertsons in my paper yesterday as I normally do. And I won't be able to run out and get a copy till this evening but quite frankly I need to finish up my Christmas shopping tonight and Albertsons is not on my list of stores to run to. I am not really planning on grocery shopping much this week so I would love your help getting some deals posted this week and I will pick up next week.

Please feel free to use the Wiki to compile a list of deals you are spotting this week at Albertsons. If I pick up an ad tonight I will try and come back tomorrow and get my deals I spot added.

12-26-2011, 12:09:23 PM
I used a few coupons before Christmas to lower prices on what I was going to buy. But, my big deal at that time was a $1.00 (catalina??) store coupon off on any personal use item - which I used towards a bottle of Suave shampoo, which just happened to be on a $10 for 10 deal = FREE

12-26-2011, 05:03:50 PM
heidi, I know I am not a mod, but I receive the ad early Monday AM. I can post whats in ad.....don't have a scanner, but I can post and then someone could do the match ups....just wanted to offer.

12-27-2011, 02:30:44 PM
I'm not Heidi, but I'd say go for it. We are suffering from ad-limbo. Even Fred Meyer doesn't have a food ad out yet this week.