View Full Version : How long to wait for someone to PM me their address?

10-19-2011, 03:23:26 PM
I'm sure this is an oversight of some sort by the trader... however, I traded 2 forms to someone and they did send me pp. I have been pming and reminding them that they have not sent me their address yet so I can mail the forms. It's only been about 5 days so not too long but how long do I wait before I refund the money since I would like to trade these forms before they expire. :) Hopefully they get back to me with the address. thanks.

10-19-2011, 03:27:21 PM
You should exchange addys before you exchange payment (like in the PMs where you are working out the trade). Has the person signed on in the past 5 days? If they have, I would refund the money and go ahead and look for a new trader. I would personally wait about 24- 48 hours for payment depending on what agreement the trader and I would have made. This is something I would be very clear about in my thread and in any PMs too, just so there is no confusion.

If they paid paypal, did a ship to address come through in the "you have money" email???