View Full Version : Sneak Peek into Next Week (LIP)

08-11-2011, 12:00:26 PM
Here is a link to next week's circular (http://officemax.shoplocal.com/officemaxsneakpeek/default.aspx?action=entryflash&citystatezip=CITY,STATE,ZIP&EDID=QPK7JE-77Q29-F3YMGQ-AW8TG6-2X188-v1&cm_mmc=Email-_-preprint-_-wk34-_-Hero_Weekly_Ad).

08-19-2011, 05:22:20 AM
There is a $5 off $30 purchase card that was mailed out. If you use then when you buy the box of paper, it's $14.95 after MaxPerks reward.

I like the $0.25 Crayola crayons next week :)

08-19-2011, 05:27:51 AM
Also, a link to the "Friends and Family (http://officemax.shoplocal.com/officemaxsneakpeek/default.aspx?action=entryflash&citystatezip=CITY,STATE,ZIP&EDID=Y8JYL3-FYUTM-MBRY23-QUY4F2-ENM1E-v1&cm_mmc=Email-_-preprint-_-wk35-_-Hero_Weekly_Ad)" coupons, including 20% off supplies, inke, toner, furniture, etc. and free sharpies with $5 purchase.