View Full Version : Office Max 3-day Sale!

07-28-2011, 11:34:10 AM
If you look on officemax.com they are having a 3 day sale. you will have to print the page and bring it in so they can scan the barcodes to give you the sale prices. The paper is at an incredable price:

Office max brand rulled filler paper = 0.20 each, B1G1 FREE....so 0.10 each. the limit is 6 so make sure that they scan the Q for each one! (If they don't it will charge you $1.49 for one and free for another).

Penway 1 subject (70 page) wired notbooks are 0.20 each with Q! (limit 5)

Buy any 2 national brand Ink or Toners, get a $10.00 gift card (last week it was only toners and you got a $20 card I think)

-This was good, I had a -$15.00/50 or more coupon, used it on buying my 2 inks, got $10 back :)