View Full Version : highlights office max week of 7/10

07-08-2011, 04:23:49 PM
0.01 schoolio 2/pocket folders (with or w/o prongs) limit 5\
0.01 basic pencil sharpener, limit 5
paper comes with a $5 off $25 coupon (this would be great on ink for me!)

there are other good deals, but these stood out at me....also comes with coupons :) (my fav is to get a sharpie 12-pack fine point markers for $1.00:)


07-10-2011, 06:07:07 PM
Anyone have any luck finding the Sharpies?

07-11-2011, 06:09:23 AM
Yes! I thought they would be up front on the back to school displays (there were alot of sharpies up there).....Then I was looking on the side wall with all the pens (no luck still)......so I asked a worker and they were on one of the isle displays (still the front display at my store). Its the 12 pack, in a box.

I love it for $1.00!

also.....there is a good deal on white computer paper.....you can get a 500 sheet ream of BOISE X-9 8x11 paper for $5.99.....make sure to give them your maxperks card info. They send you an email with an IP to spend in the store for $5.98! So its like its 0.01! (it says limit is 2 reams, I would ask to make sure that you will get 2 printables for buying 2)

I wanted to do this, because I know I would just put the money back onto ink I'm going to have to buy anyways....but I was with my husband and he didn't want to because we have enough paper. Still.....good deal for others :)


07-13-2011, 10:25:13 AM
I read other people have found a $5 MIR WYB 3 sharpie markers. (found at OM) Has anyone else found these?

07-16-2011, 05:44:18 PM
They send you an email with an IP to spend in the store for $5.98! So its like its 0.01!

when are you supposed to receive this e-mail? I bought the paper last week but I'm new signing up to the rewards program. I show the purchase amount (minus tax) in my rewards ticker but I haven't received an e-mail for the rebate amount.