View Full Version : Crispix Money Maker at Randalls!

06-29-2011, 12:31:27 PM
Ok, sorry, I am still having trouble loading ad on my computer (have ordered a new computer so hopefully the new one will work with that little glitch)

Anyway, in an effort to save time, I am cut and pasting from my blog:

Well, if you have not figured it out yet, right now is a GREAT time to be stocking up on cereal for the year. If you are STILL looking for some cereal to load your cabinets (or just to donate), maybe you would like a few (dozen) boxes of Crispix?

This again incorporates a few deals combined to make a stellar steal of a deal.

1. Randalls has a sale making Crispix $1.99 a box when you purchase 4 or more in a single transction.

2. Crispix is a participating cereal for this $10 rebate (http://www2.kelloggs.com/AARP/rewards/FIMSingle.pdf) I have mentioned before (you need 10 participating upcs per rebate, limit 5 rebates per household).

3. Specially marked boxes of Crispix (pictured above) qualify for the codes for a $5 gas card (http://cars2.kelloggs.com/) (you need 4 codes per $5 gas card, limit 30 codes PER PERSON-not household!)

So, being the math nut, I will just say the least common multiple of 4, 4 and 10 is 20. (now you certainly don't have to buy 20 boxes, but 20 boxes will use up ALL your UPCs and ALL your codes perfectly, and the transaction will look like this)

20 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $39.80
-6 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $33.80 paid at the register
20 codes qualify you for 5 $5 gas cards = -$25
20 upcs qualify you for 2 $10 rebates = -$20

So $33.80 - $25 - $20 = Profit of $11.20!

If you don't want to go extreme:
10 boxes Crispix @ 1.99 = $19.90
-3 $1/3 insert 6-5 RP
= $16.90 paid at the register

10 codes qualify you for 2 $5 gas cards(with 2 codes to spare) = -$10
10 upcs qualify you for 1 $10 rebates = -$10

So $16.90 - $10 - $10 = Profit of $3.10!

*Note - I am not to blame if employees and other shoppers look at you funny for buying 10 boxes of cereal at a time! Also, if you choose to go REALLY extreme and do 30, please speak with your store about ordering some for you. I went yesterday and had the store order for me.:smile: