View Full Version : what ways do you as a coupon trade sender, determine the trade value per coupon?

05-24-2011, 06:18:35 AM
I traded a few times for X cents per coupon. Then the next trade, I was told that 10% of the coupon value is the way it works.
I doubt that. :dontknow1:

Just how do all of you determine the trade value you are willing to accept for a coupon (+ postage)?

05-24-2011, 06:28:34 AM
Everyone does it differently.

I personally like to do 10% FV but I don't do it all the time. If they are getting a high number of q's from me, I can negotiate. Also, with coupons that are B1G1 or things like that, I negotiate too.

I only ask for cost of postage if they are sending PP.

I hope that helps!

05-24-2011, 06:39:36 AM
from what I observed, it depends on how many coupons the seller has. I've seen those with thousands sell them @ a bargain every so often for as low as .01 per coupon plus postage regardless of the face values. IOW, they do not put higher hf on $10 CWS coupon compared to .25 Bounty coupon UNLESS they read GDA's online that are moneymakers while using coupons. THat is the time they jack up prices of whatever hot coupon is there to the price that buyers are willing to pay for.

Therefore, those with tons of inserts at their disposal usually sell them for much less compared to those with less supply of inserts. I've read one say that she'd rather sell them cheap instead of not getting anything for them at all.

CW&M Mom
05-24-2011, 06:49:11 AM
I mostly do 10%

05-24-2011, 07:12:18 AM
Well, I traded with someone a couple times for some coupons which I thought were "average demand and popularity" and it was X cents per.
Then suddenly on a weekend trade they mailed the coupons before giving me the pp total. Suddenly X cents became 2X. I was able to negotiate the previous trade value, since the new trade was a coupon very few people would want.

In the future, I will just place my ISO thread and "offer" pphf (per coupon + postage)

I have seen many coupons from .01 up to .10.
The coupons sites that I was a member of, before this site, had trade values "always" .05 or less, unless it was a free.

Here on HCW it seems more and more are using 10%. I'll keep offering .05 and if I get no takers, then that is my bad luck. 10 cents per for a coupon that most people would not use, just seemed high to me when .05 for the much better $1/1 in previous trades was good for them and myself. When they wanted to jump from 5 to 10 cents on a weakly popular coupon, I was confused.
I will just post my ISO threads, offer a specific X cents per, and wait.

05-24-2011, 08:57:57 AM
in reality, a coupon is a coupon. if you are trading it away, then it has no value to you (unless you paid for the paper to get it).

i prefer to trade for coupons i can use. granted i will pay paypal for a coupon. but if we are going to do a coupon envie trade for a coupon envie trade. 4 or 5 decent coupons off my list is good for me to send you an envie of what you can use (granted as long as the other trader isnt being greedy just to be greedy).

more people should try to do an envie for an envie. It is frustrating when people say "i do coupon value for coupon value"....or "coupon for coupon".

try today to just trade an envie for an envie. lots of great traders on this site that will repay you on another day when you least expect it if you are willing to show a little "love" to them when they are in need. i have found a great circle of traders that i toss in a little extra and then in a month or two, they do the same for me.

(and this is not meant to hijack op's thread, as op seems to agree with me in some sense)

05-24-2011, 08:59:54 AM
If I'm trading a specific coupon, I'll generally do 10% plus shipping for PPEF/stamps trades. But for most coupons that I won't use and just want to get anything for them, I trade # of coupons for x amount with shipping included-- mainly 50 Q's for $.75 or even $.50.

05-24-2011, 09:12:52 AM
I do not get inserts, so I am alway the receiver of coupons, and my have list is only cc, stamps, or paypal. I'm never the sender unless it is BTFE.

05-24-2011, 03:21:06 PM
I trade for 10% of coupon value pp gifted on almost all my coupons, some are more some are less depends. I also like to trade for coke codes, sometimes btfe or clfe, cc, and sometimes i will just trade coupons for coupons. Now the reason I trade usually for pp is to help recover the cost of the newspapers I buy. I don't dumpster dive because there's nowhere to do that, 1 week I received free papers from a store but the next couple weeks after that nothing, so I decided I would start buying them and take what I needed out of them and trade the rest on here and try to get some of my money back so I can buy more next week. But each trade is different so IMHO it depends on what the trader needs at any given time.