View Full Version : Purina's Forti-Flora Additional 10% Off Sale price

03-10-2011, 06:04:38 PM
Get an additional 10% off with code FF10

If your dog has problems with diarrhea, gets an upset stomach due to stress, car trips, or even a trip to the vet this is the product your veterinarian uses to restore the good bacteria to his system.

FortiFlora (http://www.petandkennelsupply.com/fortiflora) is now on sale the month of March at Pet & Kennel Supply (http://www.petandkennelsupply.com/image/data/pks-jingles-logo.gif) for $18.25, but with this code you can get an additional 10% savings!
http://www.petandkennelsupply.com/image/cache/data/nutritional-supplements/fortiflora-175x175.jpg (http://www.petandkennelsupply.com/fortiflora)