View Full Version : Change in the date you can post inserts for the upcoming weekend. Day has changed from Thursday to Wednesday

02-12-2011, 07:13:54 AM
Inserts for the upcoming Sunday can be traded starting on the Wednesday before.

More members are able to get these in a legitimate way earlier in the week and we want to accommodate that.

For example next Sunday is 2/20. Most people get their inserts that day or later. However, if you get them early, your inserts can be traded starting Wednesday 2/16 starting at 12am.


Also, while I have you reading :biggrin:

Quick reminder to please make sure that the member you are trading with is a TNT or a Trader. You can check this by looking for the title under their member name. Also, when trading with someone who has zero, or a small amount of feedback, we strongly recommend you hold your end.


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Awesome News!!!

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