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01-25-2011, 07:27:49 AM
Ok - so I am turning 45 next week - geez :rolleyes24: so I decided a month or two ago that I should do something different (well I decided I needed to do something different with my life a bit ago - but figuring out what is eluding me) so I decided to develop a list of 45 things to accomplish this next year. My 'bucket list' of sorts....

HELP: I need help in getting to 45 items !!! I want tasks that will help others and/or myself and family grow. I need a few 'gimme's' as 45 in one year will be tough. Here is what I have thus far, I need to have this set by next Monday, my BD. Any and all help will be repped (that might need to be any item though:)).

Thanks HCW Family!

Mia's 2011 - 45 LIST:

1. Serve Thanksgiving meal at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
2. Complete a Mini-Triatholon
3. Perform a civic duty/help the needy (?) with each of my 4 children. CAN THIS BE 4 DIFFERENT ITEMS?
Habit for Humanity - Lansing
Special Olympics
Alzheimer's Walk
4. Keep a journal for the entire year
5. Donate $4,500 worth of goods to charity
6. Donate my time to a local charity: Nobody Dies Alone (?)
7. Read 5 books (3 "self-help")
8. Coordinate a major local upgrade (?) redoing the sound system and exterior of the press box at the High School
9. Volunteer for Junior Achievement classes
10. Take a photography class
11. Make someone smile daily - compliment, joke, etc

I guess I have a ways to go - NEED SOME HELP !!!!!!

Thank you in advance :BigHand:

01-25-2011, 07:39:54 AM
Is there an elderly person at your church or in your neighborhood that could use some help...with their yard, in their home, getting somewhere (to the store, doctor), or just someone needing a visitor?

01-25-2011, 08:28:44 AM
I just read a wonderful book called 212 which goes along very nicely with your ideas. It talks about just giving a little more and mathmatically explains the time - 15 mins a day equals 1 extra week a year.

1. how about go on vacation in your town - is there anything historical that you have always said you would do but dont?
2. Make dinner for a friend and drop it off at their house.
3. think over this past year - anyone you know go through some hardship - a year later when everyone else has forgotten it is so wonderful to have someone do something special.
4. Practice a Random Act of Kindness - here on this list, in the grocery store. Once at work, one of my co-workers came to ask me a favor. I was completely stressed - she said what can I do. My answer was go get me a tea at McDonalds. She ran out and for $1.00 she changed my whole day. You can bet that anytime she needs anything I return the favor.
5. do you have any personal goals? Lose weight, or exercise more, or drink water or...
6. How about a gift for yourself - I know when I turned 30 I bought myself diamond earrings and when I turn 40 I am getting a diamond ring!
7. Write a letter to each of your children - something they can read later in life. Something honest
8. Any fences you need to mend? Anyone you owe an apology or forgiveness?
9. How about a day that is all about you? Spa? lunch with a friend? reading a good book with a cup of wine or DDP.
10. When was the last time you and hubby had a date? or you told him honestly and sincerely how much you love him. Not that I love you when you get off the phone but the same passion you said when your wedding vows.
11. Go out to dinner and eat dessert first!! Why save the best for last! then your full and only have a bite. Savor it all.
12. Give a valentine to someone who is least expecting it - your mail carrier, your dr office, an elderly neighbor
13. What brings you joy? Find a way to add that to every day!
14. Celebrate this journey on the montly anniversary of your day - birthday Jan 28th - celebrate the 28th of every month!

To come up with these, I asked myself what would you do if you knew you only had a week to live. Then the answer is why have you not done them yet!!

What a great thread - I think I might do something like this!

01-25-2011, 08:44:28 AM
WOW - exactly why I posted on HCW ! GREAT input. I have to add that I have 2 in college and 2 in elementary and a mother with Alzheimer's that I care for regularly (she is in a home but I clean, laundry, appts - etc) soooooo I have to watch taking on too much of a regular commitment (probably sounds bad, but I know my limits:))

I love these ideas, keep them rolling, repped you both :)

01-27-2011, 08:10:35 AM
I'm going to BUMP this - I turn 45 on Monday and have to finish this list by Sunday night - want to start it right from the get go - thanks for your help!!!

01-27-2011, 08:27:01 AM
what about donate items to a womens shelter or church food pantry.

donate all clothes or 45 items to goodwill

spend a day alone with each kid doing things they choose (bowling, lunch, midday movie, ice cream ect.)

make sunday brunch and invite friends/family

renovate, pain, or decorate a room or space you have been putting off.

01-27-2011, 08:27:28 PM
any more ideas - I'm only up to about 30 - have to get 15 more - ?????


02-06-2011, 12:30:25 PM
play 45 games.. board, card or tic-tac-toe that would be time spend with a child or older person.

send out 45 valentines cards and christmas cards..

Hope your list is doing well.

Happy Birthday!!

02-08-2011, 09:47:06 AM
Bump! This is a great topic. Do you have any other fun things you'd like to try? What about learning a new language? Or maybe taking a class of some kind? Our county has craft classes, language, exercise, sports, writing... all for reasonable fees, and less than the local universities would charge. I would think a lot of counties/cities do something similar- ours is through the Park and Recreation Authority.