View Full Version : Office Max - Deals & Free Backpack after $100% back in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards

07-26-2010, 11:33:10 AM
Purchase backpack and get 100% back in Max Perks Bonus Rewards.

The limit is 2.

The prices on the packs ranged from $24.99 up to $54.99. There were lots of backpacks when I went and there were lots of Jansports that are in the $54.99 range. Keep in mind though they have the guarantee to fix them so to me that is a great deal!!

Other deals:
Limit of 3 on all below.
Westcott blunt or pointed 5" scissors - $.20
OM glue combo pack - $.25
X-ACTO pencil sharpener - $.25
single sharpies - $.25
BIC cristal pens 10-pack - $.50 (don't forget to use the $1/2 bic stationary coupon)

07-27-2010, 09:24:23 AM
Never knew that about Jansport- thanks!

07-27-2010, 02:57:28 PM
Never knew that about Jansport- thanks!

I didn't either til my dd's godmother told me. So of course the ever doubting had to find out!!! It says so right on the card attached to the bag. So I'd definitely save the card along with the receipt in case the bag needs to be fixed. It also said if they can't fix it they replace it. Cool deal!!

08-25-2010, 06:25:43 AM
When does this deal expire?

08-26-2010, 09:31:18 AM
When does this deal expire?

The backpack deal was just for that week. The rewards program is year round. You have to check there flyer, the store or their websites to see what offers they have for each week.

10-07-2010, 03:04:38 PM
Has anyone gotten their Maxperks back for this? I remember it saying I would get mine in October- but when in October? Is it mailed or e-mailed? Thanks. I do Staples deals all the time but never had done MaxPerks until this backpack deal.

10-16-2010, 05:45:20 AM
I just received mine.