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01-05-2010, 09:34:46 AM
I figured maybe this could help us keep track I am making a food log and printing it out at the end of the day and keep it in a folder working on it yet lol but hoping im not the only one that wants to keep track! :smile: if someone else can figure up a food log counting calories,carbs,fat,sugar, and salt please post ! remember to intake 8 glasses of water a day!

today: all ready planned out! :BigHand:just post with your user name in here and title it "Food Log"

DAY 1 Angeleyeza 1/5/10 FOOD LOG

1- C Coffee/ w- 1 tsp splenda/ shot of vanilla/ 2 tbs skim milk
1 cup- skim milk 60 cal
1 carnantion instant breakfest pkt 60 cal
bottle of water

1-lean cuisine meal 320 cal
bottle of water

1 cup special K cereal -60 calories
1/2 c super skim milk 45 cal
bottle of water

snacks for the day:
1- special K bar -120 cal.
1-stick string cheese-70 cal
bottle of water