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12-08-2009, 11:06:16 AM
Hi fellow Couponers

I don't post alot on here but tis is the season to finally lose weight:BigHand:
I was wondering if anyone tried the food lovers diet and there is
another infomericial but I can't remember. I have tried the 6wbm
and it's good but very restrictive just eat one piece of bread
and it seems like bam! the weight is coming back on especially around
my mid section. I was wondering b4 I think of buying it if the food
lovers diet is similar to the 6wbm if so I won't waste a credit
card charge. I need to lose 80lbs!! I know alot of weight:sad: If anyone
has any suggestions I would appreciate it.:wink7:

12-08-2009, 11:15:17 AM
I have never tried the food lovers diet. I did try the 6wbm and found it very restrictive as well. I have had success with the body for life system and exercise. The BFL is based on eating healthier and portion control. It does list protein shakes and the like but I didn't use them. I have lost 60 pounds so far...I still have about 50-60 to go. I was going to a gym but the gas got to be too much so I use videos at home. I also walk/run...I am training for a half-marathon next spring.
You can do it :) If you need someone to vent to while working at it feel free to pm me. There is also a HCW group on Sparkpeople.

12-10-2009, 08:55:27 AM
Thanks for the reply yes I to lost 40lbs but still need to lose another 80lbs and getting discouraged. Thanks for offering to let me Vent..I will PM you
Thanks again

12-18-2009, 08:20:51 AM
I was down to only needing to lose 80 but after meds and marriage and bad eating habits now I need to lose 120 :/ I know I can do it, it's just getting the motivation to begin!

12-21-2009, 03:04:03 AM
-> Instead of having orange juice eat whole orange

-> Use sugar substitutes instead when having tea or coffee

-> If you visit fast food restaurant, eat little fries and simple burgers

-> Eat healthy snacks like dried friuts,nuts,veggies, yogurt and fresh fruits

12-30-2009, 12:35:11 AM
My boyfriend's sister swear by Weight Watchers. I have watched her shrink. She can eat whatever she wants, and has done great.