View Full Version : Catalina Didn't Print, so the Store Gave Me a $10 Gift Card!!! Who Knew?

10-24-2009, 02:18:35 PM
Just a little FYI, on 10/18 I went into Randalls to get in one last time on the Joint Juice Deal. The $10 catalina didn't print so I went to do a return at customer service, and the clerk asked the amount and she said she would give me a $10 gift card instead! Of course, YMMV, but I was totally surprised. Who knew this was even a possibility for such a high dollar amount???? :hysterical:

By comparison, I couldn't even get Kroger to take a .50 coupon last night that I knew would be reimbursed by the company!!! :hectic1:


10-27-2009, 11:12:46 PM
Good to know! Thanks!