View Full Version : Lipton Tea for 15 Cents!

10-23-2009, 11:06:17 PM
$1.15 Lipton tea (use .50/1 IP, doesn't exclude 16 count size), .15 cents
$2.29 C&H sugar, 4 lb (use .35/1 I think insert), $1.29 (best price I've seen lately)
$3.99 Birds Eye Meals for Two Pasta Primavera (use BOGO and $1.50/1), $2.50 for 2 gigantic bags (4 meals)
$1.38 Nabisco Wheat thins ($1/1 peelie found tonight on Nabisco saltines and Chips Ahoy at Kroger), .38 cents

Still available:
$1.50 Birds Eye Lightly sauced veggies, use various .35/1 or .50/1, .50 cents
$1.69 Betty Crocker frosting, use peelie on BC cake mix found tonight in store for .50/1, .69 cents
$1.09 for Manischewitz 6 oz soup packages (use .35/1 from Jewish calendar found in pharmacy

Ground beef prices were disappointing (go to Kroger instead if you can to use the .50 on ground beef Cargill Q!) :sad:

flicker :wavehi:

10-24-2009, 11:10:25 PM
Thanks so much. Tried to rep, but I have to spread the love.