View Full Version : Birds Eye Meals for Two Deal at Randalls AND Kroger

10-19-2009, 03:14:25 PM

***Good news for those of you who have a nearby Randalls, some of the BE meals are marked down to $4.19 so you can run this deal with the BOGO and IP and pay $2.94 for 2 bags (each is 24 oz. so 3 pounds!):

2 @ $4.19 Birds Eye
-$4.19 BOGO
-$1.50 IP
$2.94 OOP


$1.19 Kroger Orange Juice Frozen
$6.99 Birds Eye Meals for Two 24 oz. bag
$6.99 Birds Eye Meals for Two 24 oz. bag

$15 something subtotal

-$3 on $15 frozen (Kroger home mailer through 10/18/09, I don't know if they honor these after the exp date)
-$1.50 Birds Eye IP
-$7.69 Birds Eye Insert from 10/18/09 (today)

$2.35 (he took off $7.69 instead of $6.99 for the freebie since he didn't scan my card right away :BigHand:

Today the shopping gods must have been smiling down upon me, the Randalls joint juice Catalina didn't print so they gave me a $10 shopping card :hysterical:, someone had dropped a dollar bill which I found on my way out Randalls, the Precious Mozarella snacksters were marked at $2.49 and I had $2/1 peelies with me, a coupon farie littered the store with coupons before I got there AND I found a Kroger that triples 3 likes nearby!

There are quite a few Birds Eye coupons out so check the coupon database and your own collection. I'll bet some of the other stores have good deals on these too.

flicker :whistle67: