View Full Version : 9 Cent Soup Mixes at Randalls

10-19-2009, 03:10:11 PM
There is a jewish calendar I found by the pharmacy. I am not familiar with these products, but they are mostly located in the ethnic foods section of Randalls (and Kroger). At Randalls, they have 6oz assorted Man(something)witz soup mixes for $1.09 so using the $0.35 coupon in the calendar which triples the soups are just 9 cents! A note: these are the long cooking types of soups including split pea, vegetable and others (great for cooler weather).

Okay, I checked the label and the name is Manischewitz.

Also, I found the Precious Snacksters Cheese sticks reduced to $2.49 and there were $2/1 peelies.

Birds Eye lightly sauced veggies were still $1.50 and there are coupons for either .35/1 or .50/1 making them .50 each.

Betty crocker frosting is still $1.50 and there is a $.50 peelie on BC cake mix, and also a .25/1 peelable label on some of the BC frostings making them as low as .50.

There are .50 peelies on Duncan Hines cake mixes for DH cake, frosting or brownies. At Kroger the DH cake mixes are .99 so they end up being free if your stores doubles/triples (always a great help if it does). :BigHand: