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08-19-2009, 10:22:40 AM
Hi guys...we're going to be in Rochester, NY for the next year or so (probably starting in Oct.) and I was hoping to get a heads up on the grocery deals there. However, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of action on this board or Wegman's...is there something I'm missing? Is there another store with better deals that I should know about?
(P.S....looking for tips on the move in general if you're so inclined...I'm gonna need all the help I can get--moving from Georgia to Rochester will be quite a change!!!)

08-19-2009, 11:01:26 AM
Not sure if your stores in Georgia double coupons, but our Topps and Wegmans in Rochester will double up to 99 cents.
Wegmans have alot of their own brand of merchandise that sometimes beat out the name brands on price. And wait till you see some of the Wegmans stores! Some of them have cafes and child care in them. There have been celebritys that have come here to Rochester and rave about the Wegmans.
I still do pretty good with couponing at Wegmans too.
Hope you will like Rochester and all it has to offer you and your family while you are living here!
Just be sure to pack your snuggies , as it gets pretty cold up here in the winter!

08-19-2009, 12:41:33 PM
I live a little south of Rochester and shop at Tops and Wegmans. Between the 2 of them I do OK. I usually buy my meats and fruits/veggies at wegmans and most other stuff at Tops. pm me any time . The Fall is beautiful up here

08-19-2009, 05:38:24 PM
Child care????? Holy moses! I keep telling my Publix that they need to do that....do they listen??? Noooo...but I guarantee I could spend a lot more time (read: money) in that store if they would just open up a kiddy corral!

Our stores here double--but only up to .50 cents, so I'm excited about doubling up to .99! Oh, speaking of doubling...I need to see if you guys have a Kmart! LOL...I was very disappointed to see no Super Targets. :sad:

Too much to do...too much to do! :hectic1:

08-20-2009, 07:11:13 AM
i moved to the area two months ago and have really spent a lot more on groceries from where i was. (we had waldbaums, pathmark, shoprite, stop&shop, king kullen, etc). i've been trying to drum up the tops forums a bit but it looks like they have different sales so i confuse people with my trips.
haven't seen any triples yet and very few OYNO deals. skim milk is very cheap though compared to nyc/LI. wegmans to me is more of a tourist place. the one by me at least. you almost have to get dressed up to go shopping lol. the more people here the merrier i think, we can brainstorm a bit lol.
price rite is here if you are in to cheap produce. aldi too but there are only a couple of those and you'll likely have to drive out of the way. good luck in your move.
oh, btw i haven't seen a supertarget. there is a superwalmart by the (a) mall. there are four or five kmarts spread out but i don't go there unless they are doubling 2$qs.

08-20-2009, 07:49:01 AM
My dad says Wegman's rocks, and you know how picky he is!

I hope you enjoy your time in the new place!

08-20-2009, 10:43:50 AM
I'm in the Buffalo area, so the ads can be a little different from what I post in both forums.

i personally LOVE Wegmans. My daughter begs to go to Wkids (the childcare), the toddler begs to go in although she is not old enough. The store brand line is high quality. Go and sign up for their tours - they are great.

Wegmans generally does not have real "sales". They try to keep their prices low all the time. I have found that Wegmans prices are equivalent to Tops sale prices. My Wegmans tries to compete with Aldi's and BJ Warehouse prices too, since they are all in the same block. I have found other than the basic meats or frozen seafoods, Wegmans meat/seafood/deli prices tend to be high.

We do not have wine tags in NY, although the no beer purchase rebates can be great.

I have been shopping more at BJ's Warehouse lately because they are carrying more organic foods for the price of regular supermarket prices. I have had good luck with combining BJ's coupons with regular coupons.

I have no Superwalmart yet, so I can not compare. I heard they are great for prices.

I have been shopping Biglots for organic cereal - usually around supermarket store brand non-organic prices.

I feel over the last year or so, after the sale of Tops, that Tops prices have increased. I generally do not buy too much there anymore.

08-20-2009, 01:16:35 PM
If you have a quarter (you need one to rent a cart) and you know what you are going for, Aldi has some low prices on some stuff. eggs, dairy (milk, cheese, etc.), bananas. meat/ground beef/turkey prices are pretty low. (80/20 is less than 2$ pound usually although i try to stick with the 90/10). The store nearest me has some crazy deals on stuff that is expiring within the week. like 10c for a loaf of bread lol.
You just can't really go there with a shopping list like you would at a Publix (tops, wegs, etc).
Wegman's has a very healthy feel to it though so if you are into that, which mfaust seems to be, it's a great place (not just the products, but the actual niceness of shopping there, whereas Tops/Aldi/Price Rite/Swalmart are kinda "cold"). Tops barely sells organic stuff (now they have a small section in the dairy though). it feels like a big Trader Joe's (not sure they have those around here though).
seeing as this is a coupon forum, I'll still say that wegmans you have to work harder at to find deals (this from an upstate newbie..) seeing as they barely have a weekly circular and like mfaust said, they really don't have "sales" per se. (you have to go aisle to aisle, which can be nice (samples of cheese, bread, etc on weekends) in wegman's, as aforementioned).
I'm typing way too much lol. sorry.

08-20-2009, 02:36:24 PM
One thing that I occasionally do for Wegmans (yes, I know this is the Tops forum lol) is compare the coupons I'm interested in using to what my Wegmans store charges. You can do that online - much of their prices are online, you pick what store you shop at as prices do vary. Tops lists prices of sale items only online, and usually not all the variations. Tops has Catalina promotions, Wegmans does not.

But beware about going to Wegmans hungry - they are great at placing their stuff to look really yummy - not that it isn't, but the prepared food section can get expensive. But if you are a foodie (which I kinda am lol) they have a great international section (with many resets where you can get stuff for 50% off) and some really great specialty meats, deli, bakery. Plus now they are regularly carrying organic meat (too expensive for me unfortunately).

Wegmans does seem to run instore specials to match some of Tops advertised prices. Not on everything, but I do run into it often.

Wegmans takes Tops dollar doublers, not that Tops does that much anymore (used to be 4 - or was it 6?! dollar doublers at least once a month).

08-20-2009, 06:07:59 PM
i'll have to keep that in mind about the doubler thing. thanks for the tip. i can spend 15$ in wegmans way faster than tops lol. (gallon of organic milk = 6$....)

08-21-2009, 04:03:42 AM
There were two in my ad this week...

08-21-2009, 04:12:26 AM
Thanks for all the info guys, I really appreciate it....if you think of anything else, I can use all the info I can get beforehand.
It seems I'm really going to miss my Publix and Super Target...after stockpiling for 2 years, I'm accustomed to paying nearly nothing for my weekly groceries. Maybe I'll just stay where I am and let hubby fly home on the weekends. :hysterical:

08-21-2009, 07:17:53 AM
It seems I'm really going to miss my Publix and Super Target...after stockpiling for 2 years, I'm accustomed to paying nearly nothing for my weekly groceries.

i often hear people say this. but is produce and meat included in groceries? anything that comes in a box is attainable cheaply, i feel, but unless you are using x/xx$ coupons where do the cheap tomatoes come from? lol. for example: green peppers are .99 or 1.29/lb at price rite (fair enough). i pay that. anyone with ideas as to how to lower that and other assorted produce/chicken breast prices (1.88-1.99/lb is cheapest I've seen here), please pm me lol.

moving was really tough for us with our "stockpile" (not nearly what others have). such a pain moving it ourselves. it probably would have cost us more to move it than it would have to just buy it when we got up here. so we gave it to family, etc. maybe that's why my bills are higher than they were before, seeing as i don't have all the staples i did before. who knows. good luck with the move.

08-21-2009, 12:17:26 PM
Regarding meat and produce....I'm not a huge meat eater, but my husband is. Most of the meat I buy has come from Super Target when they've put out their coupons for chicken, beef, ham, etc...oftentimes there are MFQs to go along with those. When I find free or close to free meat, I buy it up and freeze it. There are also usually coupons available for "buy X, get $$ off meat." I never pay for meat unless there's some kind of last minute thing where we want to fix something in particular. My freezer is full of meat (chicken, steaks, roasts, ribs, ham steaks).
As for produce, those are usually filler items in my Publix runs, as Publix puts out many store coupons that can be combined with MFQs...they also take competitor's coupons (and mine honor the Target Qs). They also do giftcard MIRs a few times a year, and most of the time you can get the qualifiers for nearly nothing.
It's pretty easy most of the time to get fresh items with overage at either Target or Publix--mostly from the benefit of combining store and MFQs.
Seems I've been spoiled.
BUT I am looking forward to doing LOTS of NBPR rebates!!!!!!

08-25-2009, 06:39:43 AM
I only really go to Tops for things on sale, I find my too expensive.

Wegmans has great sales on meat, 90/10 goes on sale for 1.99 lb about every 2 months and I will buy 30 lbs ish and freeze. Same with boneless skinless chicken breasts.

I still shop at Aldi's, although my Wegmans matches their prices on bread, eggs and milk all the time ,which is great!

We have a Super Walmart (and someday a brand new one!!) but lately I find them way more then other stores, and its a pain to drive over, shop, and have a stack of 5 or 7 ads to price match.

I find some great deals at Target... and we do have a KMart, but they only doubled once, and have never done it since.

My BIL lives in Rochester... I am pretty sure I have seen all those stores over there. We are about an hour away in Amherst.

08-27-2009, 08:24:05 PM
Thank you for asking that! I'm moving to Rochester soon too!! We have Publix here and I LOVE them. I am from Rochester (although 13 years ago and prior to couponing!) and love Wegmans..but now that I'm couponing...I'm dreading it! lol Not to mention the ...cold...ugh..we're moving from Orlando, FL....kind of a change...jk!

08-28-2009, 12:01:16 PM
While I'm from south of Buffalo, stores are basically the same.
Aldi's for basics.
Tops for meat sales & FREE's only
Hate Wegman's prices! While they may have a really nice store & some "zingers" to get you in the store, overall, they tack you on all other things!
Super Walmart out-does everyone on MOST items.

I have a farmers market/auction here every Wed & I know Rochester does... don't you guys go??????????????? :shrug7: WHY NOT??? I think it's Friday or Sat there???

Since I sell stuff at mine, I know many of the vendors who also sell in Rochester. FRESH produce for CHEAP! I pay $1.50-$2 for a DOZEN ears of local corn! $1 for a qt basket (4-5) tomatoes. $7-8 for 50lbs of potatoes.

If they also have an auction like mine, I go in the barn & when things are "in" season, get bushels of stuff for 10% of store prices. We're very fortunate in this area to have a great selection of local produce. Plus, hubby waits til near the end of the day & picks up flats of strawberries, 8qt baskets of beans, 1/2 bushels of squash/ cantelopes etc for DIRT cheap. The vendors don't want to carry it to the next place.

There are several vendors who buy-then-sell close-outs from BJ's, RiteAid, etc. I just bought a GALLON of olive oil for $20, a 3pk of those new feminine pads forget the name (reg $9+ per box) for $5 for all 3, 90ct box of Playtex tampons $5! The HUGE cans of Hunts tomato sauce - $2, dent on side, 30pk 100 calorie snacks $4. No telling WHAT you'll find!

We also have meat & poultry butchering places that save us ALOT. I'm pretty sure Rochester does too. Many of the smaller grocery stores offer "package-deals" you can't beat!

I spent 8 yrs outside Atlanta & really missed these opportunities! Get your freebies, but expand your horizons up here!

PLUS, it's FUN! :wink7:

08-29-2009, 07:19:12 AM
My grocery bill tends to be a little more expensive because I try to buy organic foods when I can. The way I get my organic produce cheaply is I join a CSA (farm share) during the spring/summer/fall. These are cropping up all over the place in WNY (including Rochester). The one I joined I pick up organic fruit and veggies weekly once a week right down the street from me. Costs me about $15/wk for veggies and $10/wk for fruit, and we get more that we normally would buy. Plus it is as fresh as you can get it, often picked that morning or the day before. not free, but great value for your $ for top quality produce. Plus you are supporting the local farmers. I know there are some found in the Rochester area, as I have relatives that do the farm share in Lockport, and those farm shares service the Rochester area too.

09-04-2009, 07:19:26 PM
I split my shopping between Walmart, Tops, Wegmans, Target, & Big M.

09-05-2009, 07:31:36 AM
Shop at the Public Market! I am surprised no one else shops there. It's open every Sat from 6am to 1pm and on Thursdays but there are a lot less vendors there on Thurs. You can't find cheaper produce anywhere. I also buy my specialty cheese there and breads. I do pretty well with shopping at the public market and then going to tops for the sale items.

09-11-2009, 02:52:08 PM
This probably isn't the right place to ask, but My MIL lives in Mineola and I'm trying to get her to start couponing (I'm in FL) but I'm having a HARD time finding the weekly deals for her stores, she shops at King Kullen and Waldbaums (she also works at both stores) are there any great sites like Iheartpublix and iheartsavingmoney for her stores or what threads on here should I go through (the king kullen and waldbaums threads are pretty dead), thanks for any help!

09-11-2009, 03:10:14 PM
Mineola is on the other side of the state in Long Island. Maybe contact the mod for those forums to see if they can help. Sorry I'm not more help, I'm not familiar with those stores.

09-16-2009, 06:25:38 AM

09-16-2009, 07:53:54 AM
Wegmans takes Tops dollar doublers, not that Tops does that much anymore (used to be 4 - or was it 6?! dollar doublers at least once a month).
i tried to use the Tops doubler at my closest Wegman's. no luck there so I'll have to try other stores.

This probably isn't the right place to ask, but My MIL lives in Mineola and I'm trying to get her to start couponing (I'm in FL) but I'm having a HARD time finding the weekly deals for her stores, she shops at King Kullen and Waldbaums (she also works at both stores) are there any great sites like Iheartpublix and iheartsavingmoney for her stores or what threads on here should I go through (the king kullen and waldbaums threads are pretty dead), thanks for any help!
Seeing as she works there I'm surprised she doesn't have the good scoops on the deals. (Not that working there has anything to do with knowing coupons available, etc).
i haven't lived on LI for three months but i know that until then, King Kullen was pretty much terrible. The only pluses i noticed were that they didn't have a card and that they doubled four dollar coupons (only two of which could be the same coupon) per order. i always wondered why there wasn't more action in the KK thread. there is pretty much always something free there. (i guess the rest of the prices are so bad that it's not even worth the trip lol).
Waldbaum's is a different story altogether. they once in a while have triples (that's what i miss most about being in Rochester) and cat OYNO deals. (Pathmark used shelf prices on their cat deals so it was really easy to get cheap stuff).
If she could get to see the circular for the next week early, she'd probably be able to order (if she is into that) coupons to get in time. (deals start on Fridays at waldbaums).

back on topic: Price Rite doesn't accept coupons so don't feel too bad mfaust lol.